DriveClub's Plans To Keep You Coming Back | TSA

TSA writes: "The question on so many people’s lips when they see DriveClub in action, is whether or not they’re doing 60 frames per second yet. I grant you that it is an important one for many gamers, those who have the reflexes and ability to make those split second changes, and it’s a point which Evolution are keenly aware of."

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medman958d ago

PSPlus edition free. That's all you had to say. Who can argue with free?

Hatsune-Miku958d ago

Im hoping this game turns out to be 60fps in 1080p

Minato-Namikaze958d ago

I'm hoping this game is as fun as their other games.

sigfredod958d ago

And i will keep coming back for sure

pyramidshead958d ago

The most immersive next gen racer, of course people will keep coming back lol.

Hicken958d ago

I dunno if I can handle this AND GT6 AND Killzone AND DC Universe AND whatever the hell else I'll be getting this fall/winter.

But I'm gonna handle it, anyway.