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Forza Vs Gran Turismo

Oli and Drew from Z1G go head to head with their respective driving franchises to decide which one is the best! (Culture, Forza Horizon, Gran Turismo, PS3, Xbox 360)

ErcsYou  +   717d ago
I never liked racing games but I love Gran Turismo because it feels like so much more than a game.
user7402931  +   717d ago
yeah i know what you mean, gran turismo is traditionally the perfect simulator.

.perfect sim

.original music

.reply value beyond belief.

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Yi-Long  +   717d ago
Gameplay-wise and visuals, I prefer Forza over GT.

However, the DLC-milking from Forza has really put me off from buying that game full price.

Love to pick up those games when there's a 'complete release', but no sooner.

Also, I hate the focus on hundreds (if not more) cars, why I would much prefer much more TRACKS to race on, in different times of day and different weather-conditions!

I find a huge variety of TRACKS/environments much more important than a 1000 cars, of which a large portion are similar or just not very interesting.
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HammadTheBeast  +   717d ago

Funny you say that, Forza still doesn't have day/night and rain cycles, but GT got it in a free patch.

Still, I,d rather compare GT6 vs FZ5 in terms of game play and feel when it releases.
b163o1  +   717d ago
A driving game vs. a driving simulator..... Hmmmmm

GT series over Forza series
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Hatsune-Miku  +   717d ago
Lol. You can only have gran turismo vs reality because nothing comes close but real life.

Forza vs nfs is better or forza vs drive club.
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Big_B0SS  +   717d ago
Why do people keep using day and night cycle as a excuse that GT is better than Forza.

Sure it makes the game feel more real but I am sure Forza could also have it if they toned down the custamization tools...try drawing the Mona Lisa on a car in GT and see how that works out. http://i32.photobucket.com/...
cvflyboy  +   717d ago
@Big boss

Dude you can not use that excuse anymore. It is now next.gen and Forza stiil couldn't bring that feature on the Xbox1. They are no longer working on a dvd and they have all the room on a blue ray disc now. Even drive club which is a new IP knew it is the standard in racing games now. Shame on forza. If ps3 can do it so can the Xbone.
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Big_B0SS  +   717d ago
@CV - The samething could be said about Drive Club...where is the Forza type custamization?

Also you are forgetting that no lounch game ever take dramatic advantage of a new console.

Killzone on the PS4 will look good and will be one of the best looking next gen games but why does it not have something like Forge or the abilty to rewatch your game and interact with it how ever you want?

I am not say Forza is better than GT but both do something that the other cannot - Will GT 7 have custamization like Forza? Maybe but for not we can assume it wont since Poly will focus on rain, snow, tornados and day and night which takes time and resources.
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The Shadow  +   717d ago
best forza series was forza 2, others are just meh.

gt5 has best graphic, handling physic and steering(espcially rallying)and best nordschleife on any racing game ive experienced esp 24hr day/night cycle.

only let down is the single player mode, should have been restriction in racing and very easy AI to pass.

forza series looks cartoony gt has more realistic colour on both car and environment.
IRetrouk  +   717d ago
There will always be diffrent prefrences for diffrent people, in my opinion gran turismo is the better driving sim and forza is the better social racer, both are fantastic games and i have bought every version of both, but for me gt is just a deeper driving experiance.
Insomnia_84  +   717d ago
"It’s the little things that make the difference. And for all of its mass of statistics, GT has always been about the little things. A meticulous attention to detail is what sets Gran Turismo from the pack. Ranging from the absurd level of accurate tracks, to the metallic-perfection of the crafted vehicles."

I remember how Forza looked on 360 until GT5P was released on PS3. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue made Forza 2 look like a PS2 game, F2 didn't even have cockpit view back then. Turn 10 learned A LOT from Polyphony Digital and GT.
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user7402931  +   717d ago
the gran turismo series was, is, and will always remain to be the best driving sim to date in my eyes. and 8 million other fans.
user7402931  +   717d ago
gt7 will show true next gt power because it will be a exclusive ps4 gamw.
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steve30x  +   717d ago
I loved Forza all the way up to Forza 3. Then they started making it too easy. Having free upgrades thrown at me and free pre tuned cars just ruined it for me. I want the option to turn this off and let me grind for the upgrades and if I get a free car dont put tuned parts on it already.

Forza horizon on the other hand is brilliant fun , it still gives me pre tuned cars which I dont really like but the game itself is fun.

I still find Gran Turismo more fun though because you get to work for what you get in the game.
fsfsxii  +   717d ago
GT6 + G27 = skip school.
When is GT6 out again??
GamerXD  +   717d ago
early december
GrandpaSnake  +   717d ago
To me they are both very cool in their own ways, but i grew up with Gran turismo.GT ftw
Fishy Fingers  +   717d ago
For me, Forza is more "fun" but GT provides the better sim experience.

Depends what your after I suppose, but either game is a brilliant offering for driving fans on their respective platform.

No need to arguments, it's all personal preference.
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mcstorm  +   717d ago
I agree. For me Forza is better for the online experience and GT is better for Single player but this may change with the new AI in Forza 5. I do feel GT5 was way below par though and has always felt unfinished and im hoping GT6 can be the game I was expecting 5 to be and that they look to add things to the MP to.
josephayal  +   717d ago
Forza may have a few tuning options that GT doesn't, but GT has far more that Forza doesn't, GT is much better
skydragoonity  +   717d ago
Compare forza with drive club cus gran turismo is out of forza's league.
Magicite  +   717d ago
u mean gt is much better? agree.
SignifiedSix91  +   716d ago
In your dreams maybe.
HeavenlySnipes  +   717d ago
I never liked racing sims that much

I never saw the point of playing them if you didn't have a racing wheel because you don't feel all the little nuances that the devs made for each vehicle and you can't appreciate the handling of each car. Just moving my analog stick around doesn't do anything for me and I can't see how people that play with a regular controller can really tell the difference between the games
sephiroth420  +   717d ago
i get what you mean but i think its quite easy to tell the difference on a standard pad, maybe thats because i mainly dont use a wheel for my racing games, its just takes a little longer to find the differences.
Hicken  +   717d ago
I disagree. Sure, there may be some subtleties I'll miss out on, but I can definitely feel the difference between the way the cars handle.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   717d ago
This again?!!!
Broburger  +   717d ago
Forza is better than GT. Forza is fun to play, it's more rewarding, and it has better graphics (Forza Horizon is the best looking racing game so far). GT is dull, boring, and it has NO SENSE OF SPEED. The only thing I like about GT is the menu music.
Stoppokingme  +   717d ago
I Owned every GT and Forza (expect for Horizon), and I could flip a coin to decide the winner.

GT calls heads...tails wins, Forza it is. You may question my method but never question the coin!
Villz85  +   717d ago
This is ridiculous...

GT6 is a Sony exclusive for the PS3 (Current Gen)
Forza 5 is a Microsoft exclusive Xbox One (Next Gen)

Of course Forza would come out on top... But ... If you talk about the series in general, unless you've played both, They do not compete with each other.

The one you like is based upon which console you have... I prefer Forza... I dont know if it's better or not because I've only had Xbox for last 10 years and have ZERO interest in Sony's stuff!

But that doesn't mean I think GT is rubbish because unless you have both consoles with all the previous versions of both games you can't compare them truthfully.

All you can do is jump on your usual console bandwagons ... which to me is boring as hell to constantly read!
GamerXD  +   717d ago
It's your comment that is more ridiculous.
Count  +   717d ago
Don't worry..

Forza is better!
IRetrouk  +   717d ago
While i understand what you say, you kind of contradict yourself a little, both are fantasic games though and you cant really go wrong with either, i feel gt is the better sim but that forzas social side of things are far better, if i had to pick one though? Gt every time.
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Animal Mutha 76  +   717d ago
I actually quite like BOTH.

Is that allowed on this site?
Wikkid666  +   717d ago
Of course it's not
hazardman  +   717d ago
Yeah me too.
solidboss07  +   717d ago
I think this is a little bit stupid. When GT6 releases then compare it to whatever Forza title was last on 360.
Then ofcourse when a PS4 GT is released we can compare it to the latest XBone Forza game. (not GT6 PS4 version as it will still be a last gen game, where as Forza 5 is next gen and Turn 10 claim it is the second coming of J/C).
Software_Lover  +   717d ago
Why are we still doing this? Grown @$$ men too.
hazardman  +   717d ago
I like Forza single player layout and presentation more. But GT is still king for sim racers on consoles.
XisThatKid  +   717d ago
I love Forza cusomization options GT doesnt have and the 97 Eagle Talon TSi (my car)GT doesn't But I vote GT being an over all better game or sim and def way more influential gamers devs car manufacturers alike. Oh but Forza support(ed?) clutch button. physics just dont feel right. Real life almost compares to GTs physics lol jk. But seriously I like GT games over Forza gladly wait 4years at a time to get sequels the quality shows.
Edito  +   717d ago
We don't need posts like this anymore, we know GT is far superior that any racing game out there and that's it... The vibe, the feel, damn it's just beyond and any game that tries to crash GT in that regard will die a cold death i think forza is a good game but we should stop comparing them GT is something else and Forza is a good game...
badboy776  +   717d ago
Gran Turismo
majedx9  +   717d ago
GT5 has 24 Hours Nürburgring,Forza don't.


GT>forza ...btw i have them both.
Godmars290  +   717d ago
Funny thing about the Forza/GT "feud" is that its been largely one-sided with underdog Forza barking the loudest. Putting out titles quickly and touting it's graphics while scaling back on features and apparently doing shortcuts.
ghostrider32  +   716d ago
Great games, terrible fans.

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