PS4 is 50% More Powerful than Xbox One – I’m not buying it – Yet

Recent reporting suggests that the PS4 is 50% more powerful than the Xbox One. While many are taking this as factual statement, there are a few things to consider before jumping on the bandwagon.

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ATi_Elite1677d ago

The PS4 is NOT 50% more powerful than the XB1. It may be faster but it also has bottlenecks.

The PS4 does have a BETTER GPU than the XB1 FACT.

Too bad most multiplats will ALL look the same no matter the GPU differences.

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Natso1677d ago

I don't believe that they'll look the same.

PC multiplats always look better, so why wouldn't the same apply to the PS4?

Death1677d ago

Both the Xbox one and PS4 share the same PC derived AMD combo chips. That doesn't mean either will be as good as a higher end PC. The GPU's are mid grade in both consoles. The also have a max resolution of 1080p unlike a PC monitor that is much greater. The CPU's for each are made for tablets too.

From what I can see, both are nearly the same but take different paths to achieve the same goals. The PS4 uses a higher series GPU and GDDR5 for pooled memory. The GPU is set up to take loads off the CPU which doesn't like graphics memory due to it's non linear nature and latency. The Xbox uses a lower series GPU and slower DDR3 which is great for the CPU, but not so much for the GPU. Their answer was the inclusion of eSram to boost the speed and multiple specialized prcessors to free upthe CPU and GPU. They also have flash ram.

In my opinion, the biggest problem third parties will face is gimping the Xbox version since the PS4 doesn't have the advanced camera/mic the Xbox has. Getting them to use the added features may not be cost efficient. If the PS4 does prove to be more powerful, same thing applies. Third parties may not be able to justify using the power not unlike the way they didn't use Blu-ray this gen to make games longer or in "true hd".

xHeavYx1677d ago

@ Death
You lost me at " the advanced camera/mic the one has"

M-M1677d ago

"PC multiplats always look better, so why wouldn't the same apply to the PS4?"

It's different with consoles, ask Microsoft about that little contract they have.

MysticStrummer1677d ago

@Natso - PC is a different animal, and people with better hardware not only expect to make use of it they complain if they can't. Consoles are a different category, and sadly parity is the name of the game. That's why exclusives make better use of each machine than a multi plat would.

Thehyph1677d ago

That flash memory in Xbox One keeps getting described as memory instead of storage.
Flash memory cannot be used as RAM. Flash has limited read and write cycles. Its purpose in the Xbox One is to store system software/firmware.
It seems some people want to believe that the flash memory will be used as more RAM.
Given how fast even DDR3 can cycle, that flash memory would be useless in no time, and I mean useless. As in, it would have to be pulled from the system and replaced.

Kleptic1677d ago

^well, it 'can' be used as ram...just terribly slow and inefficient filing storage, to mimic 'virtual' memory, has been around for decades...

BallsEye1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Because ps4 is not better. You just can't see the full picture...blinded by few numbers.

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GiggMan1677d ago

I want to agree with you about multiplats but you got to admit that it's strange we haven't seen any multiplats on X1 hardware this late in the game.

It may not be any means for concern but even the X1 crown jewel multiplat game, TitanFall, hasn't been shown running on Xbox One... I have to see something ran on the system other than KI, Ryse, Forza, and DR3 to agree with you.

tuglu_pati1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Its not strange at all, if you read all this articles around or even listen to this video, it is stated that MS is way behind with the XBO drivers more than Sony with PS4. That could be a pretty good reason why you haven't seen any multiplatform games running on XBO.

GiggMan1677d ago

@ Tuglu, the driver issue or whatever is hearsay. I can only go on what I see for myself and I think it's still strange. We have seen Battlefield, AC4, Watchdogs and others running on PS4 hardware. It looks great but everyone keeps saying (including MS) that multiplats will look the same on Xbox one. All I'm saying is show me.

I would love to see how BF4 or watchdogs perform running on the Xbox One so I can compare them before launch. I hate to be one of "those" type of guys but maybe something is up and MS doesn't want the Xbox One games running side by side for people to compare.

tuglu_pati1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

That's what im saying if MS is behind on driver that means that the games are not running how they are supposed too. Why would they show an unpolished game? its logical. Im sure will get plenty of comparisons articles, the same way it was this generation so I wouldn't worry about that.

madpuppy1677d ago

what i think is funny is that everybody seems to think that MS is this great software company...but, they are behind Sony in graphic driver development???

shouldn't MS have all the software issues buttoned up and ready with their army of coders and billions of dollars?

DoubleM701676d ago

Ha..Ha... You just named 3 games. While we haven't seen the PS4 run any games.

GiggMan1676d ago

LOL @ Double... Are you serious? All first party and all the major 3rd party games have been seen running on PS4 hardware.

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objectivePSfan1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Highly doubt multiplats won't utilize the extra power from the ps4. Marcus Nilsson, producer for NFS Rivals agrees, he says,

“What we’re seeing with the consoles are actually that they are a little bit more powerful than we thought for a really long time – especially one of them, but I’m not going to tell you which one. And that makes me really happy. But in reality, I think we’re going to have both those consoles pretty much on parity – maybe one sticking up a little bit. And I think that one will look as good as the PC.”

Sitdown1676d ago

Nothing about that quote suggests he is talking about the ps4......if you want to get technical, one could think he was talking about the xbox one. All along everyone has been chanting the power of the him saying it being more powerful than they thought for a while seems a little of.......unless talking about the extra 4g brought into the equation.

allformats1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Here's the deal:

One console's 50 percent more powerful and $100 cheaper with WAY more exclusives and WAY more independent titles.

The other is $100 more costly, 50 percent weaker, and have a much weaker roster of games.....

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Death1677d ago

For the extra $100 you also get a camera and built in mic that has some pretty outstanding capabilities.

Way more indies? Don't those indie titles kind of defeat the purpose of a more powerful console? Not sure how indies are such a plus these days. As for "more" exclusives, if they all appeal to you then that is awesome. At the end of the day I'm not sure if the PS3 had more exclusives I cared about. It's pretty much a wash for me. As for the entire more power debate, 50%? I believe that as much as I believe the specs that say the Xbox one is faster than the PS4. I'm waiting to see the games before I make up my mind.

Get the system that has more of the games you want to play. You really can't go wrong that way.

BG115791677d ago

@death, for me and until now no game in the line-up has justified paying 100$ more for a console just besause of kinect. At this point it is just a gimmick that no game will make me like it. Plus I still remember the Prism scandal.
So no, I'not paying 100 $ more for a weaker console because of gimmicks.

MysticStrummer1677d ago

"Way more indies? Don't those indie titles kind of defeat the purpose of a more powerful console?"

I know it's a common human trait to ignore the lessons of history, but MS fans seem to be worse than average in that regard. You really think Sony is going to concentrate on indies for the PS4 to the detriment of AAA titles? That thought process is just bizarre to me.

HammadTheBeast1677d ago


I'd say Indies are easily taking advantage of the power:

The game play looks even better.

awesomeperson1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Actually, if one is 50% more powerful, the other is 33% weaker ;)

All I know is I can't wait to get my hands on my PS4 come November!

Anyone denying the power difference is clearly delusional. Even Microsoft don't deny there is a hardware disparity between the two consoles.

H0RSE1676d ago


"Anyone denying the power difference is clearly delusional. Even Microsoft don't deny there is a hardware disparity between the two consoles."

- OMG, are we still on this?...It isn't about denying whether or not PS4 is more powerful than the X1. Like the guy said in the vid:

"I can tell you right now, I can look at games on both the Xbox and the Playstation, and they both look phenomenal. I don't see a 50% difference by any means. So I don't think there's a whole lot of people arguing that the Playstation 4 ISN'T more powerful than the Xbox One, but to sit there and just flat-out say it's 50% more powerful, just doesn't make a whole lot of sense, unless you can back it up, and at this point, they're not backing it up, so I'll believe it whenever I see it."

The argument is less about PS4 being more powerful than X1, and more about what does that translate to? If that means PS4 gets an extra 3-5fps, that's not much to write home about...until players can play the games for themselves, we're all at the mercy of the media.

DoubleM701676d ago

Here is another one.

I only cared about games from Naughty Dog, and God of War. Uhhmm that's basically six games I cared about on my PS3. While on my 360 I had The Halo series the Gears of War series the Mass Effect series, The BioShock series. The Ninja Gaiden Series. All of those games were first on the 360.

I want deny the PS4 is going to sale a ton at $100 cheaper. Although I like the Xbox1 features alot more for my family.

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showtimefolks1677d ago

who cares guys, enjoy whichever console you choose. i am more excited for sony's 1st party studios but nothing wrong with buying xbox one and enjoy some of its exclusive offering

do we really need articles like this everyday so say which console is more powerful?

also let's wait till we get the consoles so we can test them for our self

FamilyGuy1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"most multiplats will ALL look the same"

That's not necessarily true. There was something mentioned recently how the PS4s RAM will help in preventing things like texture pop-in, increase draw distances and even have shorter loading times when compared to the X1.

What this guy is saying and we all should be doing is just to "wait and see". It's only a couple months from the home stretch now. If one system is better at something than the other we'll have concrete confirmation of that soon enough (for those that really care).

Power isn't everything, there's tons of other reason I prefer the PS4 over the X1 so this debate isn't the be-all end-all of this discussion anyway.

Hicken1677d ago

What bottlenecks does the PS4 have that would prevent it from flexing its GPU muscle over the XB1? EVERYTHING has bottlenecks, but by all accounts, those in the PS4 are significantly less than you'd expect, and could even be less than in the XB1.

There are differences in the multiplats with the current gen. There will be differences between the XB1/PS4 and Wii U. And if the PS4 is as easy to develop for as they say, while being as powerful as they say, there WILL be differences.

Death1677d ago

Biggest bottle neck is the CPU. Both consoles have the same Jaguar derived CPU. It is designed for tablets. A shared memory pool creates issues too. CPU's don't care for graphics memory. The GPU in the PS4 is going to help the CPU with calculations which is a plus. The down side of that is it will have less resources to use in graphics when doing so.

The PS4 is easier to program than thePS3 was. Not necessarily easier than the Xbox One. Both are the same basic PC derived architecture. The difference is in how the shared memory pool was addressed. Sony went with GDDR5 and lets the GPU help the CPU so latency is not a factor. Microsoft went with DDR3 which is great for the CPU and added the esram and flash memory along with specialized processors to speed things up on the GPU side. The released specs from each company are pretty similar.

BitbyDeath1677d ago

'The PS4 is easier to program than thePS3 was. Not necessarily easier than the Xbox One.'

Do keep up. PS4 is by far much easier to program for than the Xbone.

ATVI was doing the CoD: Ghosts port to nextgen. It took three weeks for PS4 and came out at 90 FPS unoptimized, and four months on Xbone and came out at 15 FPS."

MysticStrummer1677d ago

"The PS4 is easier to program than thePS3 was. Not necessarily easier than the Xbox One."

PS4 was designed by devs. A memory setup similar to One's was considered... and rejected. The One isn't going to be as difficult to program as PS3 was, but it's definitely more convoluted than PS4.

Dark_king1677d ago

@Death The PS4 is easier to program for then the XB1 there are no questions about that.You said it yourself
"Sony went with GDDR5 and lets the GPU help the CPU so latency is not a factor."
"Microsoft went with DDR3 which is great for the CPU and added the esram and flash memory along with specialized processors to speed things up on the GPU side. The released specs from each company are pretty similar."

Far more hoops to jump through on the XB1 to get close to the same performance.

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svoulis1677d ago

The only reason i cant agree with you ATi_Elite, is because the only multiplatform games we've seen are infact running on PC or PS4.

The Division, Destiny, WatchDogs, AC IV all on PS4.

COD Ghost was shown on PC (not Xbox One like they want people to believe)

BF4 was shown on PC and PS4.

Where is the Xbox One footage for multiplatform games?

That is an indication that either A) PS4 is the best possible version for consoles and developers would rather take that route or B) Devs didnt have any playable demos ready to show on Xbox One.

Just food for thought here.

Death1677d ago

You haven't seen unsigned code running on a PS4. The PS4 debug units look identical to the retail version according to FCC filings. The Xbox One can run unsigned code on debug units or PC's with the debug software. A retail unit can't run pre-release software. I'm surprised so many people aren't aware of this. The 360 got it's start on Apple G5's.

svoulis1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Ya "Debug units". You mean the kind that crash and go to windows 7 or windows 8 desktop? You mean the kind that have NO Xbox One UI?

You mean the kind where devs have been willingly admitting to what games are showcased where?

Ubisoft admitted that 2012 E3 footage was in fact a PC. They also went onto insure that the PS4 version is in fact running on the PS4.

Zombie Studios just showed off their game Blacklight Retribution running on the PS4.

Major Nelson promised Xbox fans a chance to see BF4 running on Xbox One hardware. Only to find out it was actually running on PCs.

Ubisoft confirmed that the PS4 was the platform they were showcasing AC IV on.

Infinity Ward admitted the COD GHOST multiplayer reveal (sponsored by Xbox) was ran on PCs with modified controller input (To allow for aim assist like consoles do).

Bungie was pleased to announce it was in fact running in real-time on the PS4 not a PC debug system.

Thats just a few. I wont post links but you can go use google to your hearts content.

All I am simply saying is that it is very suspicious of Microsoft to not be "flexing" their muscle. They keep talking how great there system is and how PS4's "Raw performance" wont matter, yet they haven't really backed it up.

They should start showing side by side gameplay to relieve any stress Xbox fans may have.

@DEATH Clearly you are grasping at straws here. MICROSOFT hasn't PROVEN anything to GAMERS. They just keep talking and tweeting garbage, they haven't shown us the actual comparisons of the 2. TO add to this.

Why aren't devs showing Xbox One versions of 3rd party games? Also If Microsoft console was so capable of competing with PS4, WHY did they overclock it over 1 entire weekend.

You have lots of opinions, they all point to Xbox, which is fine. But seriously don't kid yourself. PROOF IS PROOF. Opinions are like as*holes, everyone has one.

scofios1677d ago

I see a lot of damage controle by butthurt people.

user74029311677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

just admit it, just cause ps4 is way better than xbone that doesn't mean you can't enjoy xbone. i have a ps3 and still play ps2 games on it ;p

do yourself







sonarus1677d ago

even if the two systems were equally matched the fact is that the only game on xbox one that looks worthwhile is titan fall and thats next yr. PS4 may not have any great games but i know i will enjoy killzone shadow fall as well as some other free to play titles and at 100 dollars less and i won't need to pile on another bull shit kinnect system

H0RSE1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

You don't have to pile on a " bull shit kinnect system" with the current X1. Like the headset the systems come bundled with, using the Kinect is optional.

sonarus1676d ago

but i already have kinnect that i don't use why would i want another one?

Kakashi Hatake1677d ago

360 had a slightly better GPU and was easier to develop for. This caused slightly better multiplats for 360. But when it's a PS console that has a hefty advantage, the games are going to look the same huh? You're just another butthurt Xbox fan in denial.

JP13691677d ago

Ha! Name one of these supposed bottlenecks. If anything, the X1 with its complicated memory system that requires manual fill and flush of eSRAM will have more bottlenecks than a machine with a more powerfull GPU, more pipelines and a unified memory pool.

dantesparda1677d ago

"X1 is 50% Weaker than PS4 – I’m not buying it – Ever!"

And bottlenecks? What like the eSRAM or the weaker GPU, or lesser RAM bandwidth? People are so sad its not even funny. PS4 is more powerful, face it!

Rimeskeem1677d ago

It might not make the graphics better but it will make the game smoother

gapecanpie1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

To me both systems are a t*rd when it come down to system specs, one is just more fresh and warm then the other but it is still a t*rd none the less. So to even argue about it is pretty dumb.


jessupj1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"Too bad most multiplats will ALL look the same no matter the GPU differences."

Oh? You've spoken to all the devs have you concerning this issue have you?

All the evidence is pointing to much better PS4 multiplats. If you can't deal with that, stop being stubborn and buy a PS4 instead.

ZHZ901676d ago

I have a feeling after we see the really big difference between the power of PS4 and Xbone, some or alot of Xbox fans will regret for buying Xbone instead of PS4.

They(some or alot of Xbox fans) will stay deniel until they see it through there eyes.

+Bubble for well said.

Blackdeath_6631677d ago

if only one component on the ps4 is faster while the rest are worse than the XBone then yeah fair enough i get this bottleneck argument but that isn't the case not only is the GPU faster so is the RAM (also there's more of it) and the CPU.

GamerXD1677d ago

Bottlenecks? What? It's not just an AMD APU, Sony semi-customized it to eliminate bottlenecks. Now you really deserve those disagrees.

noctis_lumia1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

i dont care about multiplats we all know which exclusives games will look nuff said.

sephiroth4201677d ago

hahah i dont understand why you got all the disagrees, it would make microsoft look seriously stupid if the ps4 was 50% more powerful, the ps4 is definately better, but nowhere near 50%

BallsEye1677d ago


Lets believe in every PR word Cenry says but let's keep on saying MS representatives lie all the time. You guys...

hankmoody1676d ago

Look how many disagrees you're getting. It's amazing how people willingly deny facts and rational thinking.

DeadlyFire1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

No its not 50% more powerful. Maybe 15-30%.

Bottlenecks are alot smaller on the PS4. Sure some are there as they always are.

Hot chips demoed 1BX GPU with only 13.5 Gigapixels a second. If PS4 GPU is based off of 7850 then it starts with 27.5 Gigapixels a second before you embed it. This figure is mostly speed, but usually more detail is squeezed into the higher end cards. Typically its the resolution that benefits the most. PSVita did 4 Gigapixels and PS3/X360 did 4.4 Gigapixels. They were pretty even. Compared to the Vita there is a tad of a difference graphically.

Sure they will look almost the same cross both platforms, but the extra room for more detail + more frames is there for developers if they chose to use it on the PS4. Sure they might not, but alot of developers are developing engines that are used across their whole IP library that is tailored for each platform for easier ports and better games with less flaws. EA, Bethesda/Zenimax/id, Square Enix, Konami, and so on and so forth. :)

ZHZ901676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )


That doesn't mean you love Xbox, MS, Kinect and Halo you should spread lies and false information. And doesn't mean PS4 is more powerful is a fact you shouldn't enjoy Xbox.

Just do yourself a favor and deal with it unless if you can't just buy PS4 instead of Xbone or buy PS4 along Xbone and enjoy both.
Just stop being stubborn, it'll make your life better.

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TrevorPhillips1677d ago

I'm turned off by these articles seriously. I'm just going to buy both consoles and enjoy gaming, just like we normally should be doing just like we've always did.

LOGICWINS1677d ago

Wish there were more people like you on this site. I thought the software was the priority in gaming. Neither console is a slacker hardwarewise, so I don't see the point of this debate.

viveks861677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I think the point of the debate is for consumers primarily interested in multi-platform games to be able to choose the console that they can feel confident about having the best experience available for the price. Not everyone can afford both (or all 3 if Wii U is to be considered).

Having said that, I don't see the point having the debate without verified sources. It seems like reporting on rumors and secretive insiders has become the new form of sensational gaming journalism

Outside_ofthe_Box1677d ago

Yeah, it's not like difference is equivalent to a Wii-PS360 like gap. Pointless argument since the difference is minimal.

viveks861677d ago


I feel the argument is valid as long as there is an actual credible source making the argument (and we don't know that right now). As a consumer, if you were to buy a TV, and everything seems the same, but one has better power rating and slightly better contrast, would you not be interested in understanding those differences so you make an informed decision? Small differences are still worthy of comparison, if done right.

Outside_ofthe_Box1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


Apples to oranges comparison. TVs =/= Gaming consoles.

What will ultimately make people decide on which console to get is the games given that difference in power isn't that huge. If it were as huge as the Wii compared to HD consoles this gen then the power debate would be worthy of the attention it's getting now.

I bet that most people planning on getting the PS4 wouldn't start canceling their preorders if we were to find out tommorow that the XB1 is 50% more powerful than the PS4. Why? because MS doesn't have Naughty Dog nor Quantic Dream nor Gran Turismo etc. The games are what's keeping people tied to the console. Just as those that currently only have the XB1 preordered have done so because the PS4 doesn't have Halo nor Titianfall nor Quantum Break nor Killer Instinct etc.

Sorry but power means jack squat when the difference is small. What would truly make people shift is if one of their favorite franchises was no longer available on their current platform anymore. The people that truly decide based on power are in the minority among minorities.

viveks861677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


I did not "compare" TVs to consoles. I gave an analogy.

I totally agree with everything you said, except for the last point. Power becomes important when all other factors are equal. Let's say you are primarily interested only in a multi-platform competitive multiplayer game, say Battlefield. If someone tells you one system would give a smooth 60 FPS, while the other can have occasional frame drops, which would hinder gameplay, would you "the Battlefield fan" not be interested in knowing the difference? You can't tell me that's a "minority among minorities". Take it further, let's say you are into e-sports and you are a gaming professional, wouldn't that minor difference mean anything to you?

Bottom line is that people should be allowed to choose based on all facts in front of them. You or I cannot assume what matters for the rest of the world.

Outside_ofthe_Box1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


I'm not saying that people shouldn't be allowed to choose based on all the facts. I'm just saying that games are the most important factor especially when the difference in power isn't huge and that power is way less important when difference is small. Sure, power becomes more important when all things are equal, but that goes without saying. And things aren't equal as far as software is concerned. Sony's lineup and the potential their future lineup can bring is definitely not equal to MS's lineup and what their future lineup can bring to the table especially since everyone has their own opinions on what appeals to them.

The specific cases you mentioned are extremely specific hence why they're in the minority. How many people of the 100s of millions of gamers only play Battlefield or do e-sports? If you only play multiplatform titles then I agree power no matter how small will always be an important factor in your decision making, but other than that exclusive software will always the main deciding factor. If the PS4 was less powerful than the XB1 most wouldn't cancel their purchase based on that alone because that would be silly (unless the difference is huge of course).

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Bathyj1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I would get an Xbone, I have nother against the hardware, I dont care if its less powerful.

Microsoft on the other hand.... Dont trust them, and no longer wish to support them. If a you keep getting your hands burnt, eventually you have to pull your hand out of the fire.

Thats my position on why Ive supported both their other machines, but wont this time. If the way they treat people doesnt bother you, then enjoy.

zero_gamer1677d ago

Exactly, I don't really care how good a system is hardware wise or its games. It's MS and that is all I need to know.

ABeastNamedTariq1677d ago

Alrighty. I'm just going to enjoy Killzone and Battlefield (and more) on Nov. 15th. Continue talk