Download Rainbow Six: Vegas for free as part of the "Games with Gold" promotion

The latest free game is available for download, don't wet yourself just yet.

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Angels37851494d ago

LOL That game is from the stone ages!

Snookies121494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

This game is dirt cheap. Anyone with any interest would have bought it by now I'd think. In most cases anyway.

CustardTrout1494d ago

Even as an Xbox fan boy I have to agree, I already have two copies simply because when I moved in with my girlfriend she had one too and I don't want to sell it for a generous 1P...

Maddens Raiders1494d ago

I wasn't going to post here, but yeah, that's actually pretty disgraceful to offer such an old title.

riceking1494d ago

i dont have it yet... is it any good?

humbleopinion1494d ago

But the good thing for us who bought it either dead cheap or expensive on release day, is that we now have over 20M gold members that are able to join us on multiplayer sessions.

The gameplay of Rainbow six is still rock solid, and there haven't been many similar games in recent years (thanks to Patriots being indefinitely delayed). This kind of free offer for tens of millions of subscribers can throw in a new life into the multiplayer matchmaking, which is a great win for anyone interested in some good action.

gaffyh1494d ago

Wow, they should rename it to Ancient Games with Gold. This is one of the first games I got with my 360, and it was shit then.

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coolbeans1494d ago

True, but I find it to be one of the best FPS's of this gen.

Agent_00_Revan1494d ago

It was a Great game when it came out, but even with the slight increase of players from the Games for Gold, good luck finding a decent match.

The last time I played this game was I think 2007.

HammadTheBeast1494d ago

Wasn't RB6 Vegas 2 released in 2008?

admiralvic1494d ago

Yes. Thankfully you can get 25 cents for your now useless copy of Vegas at Bestbuy. Though they're running a 100% trade in bonus deal at the moment, so you can get 50 whole cents for it.

Natso1494d ago

This is an embarrassment on Microsoft's part.

I would rather have been offered nothing, as this feels like an insult.

dale_denton1494d ago

this is what MS gives their loyal gold members huh? guess what PS+ gets loyal MS gold subs? NEW GAMES.. join us.. don't worry we won't judge you from where you were first.

_FantasmA_1494d ago

Damn a game from 2006. Only had to wait 7 years for this.

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KonsoruMasuta1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Eh, never really cared for Rainbow Bow six games. But hey, I'm not complaining, It's free.

I'll bite. At least it's better than that nerdy Magic The Gathering or whatever it's called.

Cam9771494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

"But you can keep it" they cried.
This is a disgrace.

Shadonic1494d ago

why would you want to keep it ?

yellowgerbil1494d ago

lol that was the first 360 game I ever played.
In the past 4 months of PS+ I've gotten
Uncharted 3
Hitman Absolution
Saints Row 3
RE something or other wii port
Xcom enemy unknown
and am looking forward to ICO HD on Tuesday

KonsoruMasuta1494d ago

Yeah, PSN is obviously the better choice, I've downloaded all those games too, except SR3 (It sucks).

But I haven't played this game yet and It's free, so I might as well give it a shot.

yellowgerbil1494d ago

much better than #2 in my opinion, but the graphics are really really dated. It came out like 7 years ago.

Death1494d ago

A little disappointed Uncharted 3 was for offline only. I heard the online wasvery good this time around and was hoping ot play with a friend.

vividi1494d ago

Uncharted multiplayer is free to play

yellowgerbil1494d ago

You can download that free in the store as well. Just search it, it isn't a PS+ deal.

Kryptix1494d ago

You should download the free-to-play model and play it on Classic mode. AKs and pistols only, just like Uncharted 2. Creates a balance and makes it more skill based and competitive.

Shadonic1494d ago

@ Kryptik : That sounds nice reminds me of when Halo gameplay used to be competitive instead of adapting to COD.

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Minute Man 7211494d ago

This was my 3rd 360 game I bought, loved it.

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