New Battlefield 4 Videos From Latest Build Show Off Bazookas, Mortar System & Scout Heli Massacre

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's members 'daskro', 'LevelCapGaming' and 'Wintergore' have shared some new videos from the latest build of Battlefield 4, showcasing the game's mortar system, a scout heli massacre, all the available bazookas and an RCB Attack Boat."

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Feralkitsune1346d ago

Battlefield 4 looks great, and this is coming from a guy who has played the series since 1942, the game. BF3 felt wrong, but BF4 looks more like BF2 than BF3 did.

windblowsagain1346d ago

I've played them all.

Not sure what you mean by it felt wrong.

The only thing i missed about early BF GAMES were the large maps.

Tbh i'd prefer a 1942 remake with the current engine.

Septic1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Well I understand the feeling Ferlkitsune is referring to. Hopefully the inclusion of Commander mode will help enhance the team play.

What's with the glitchy characters btw? They seem to spaz out a lot.

Feralkitsune1346d ago

BF3 seemed to encourage solo play more than anything. Instead of focusing on team based actions, like capturing objectives, assisting the push forward, and etc.

They have done a few things in this one to counteract those exact types of lone wolfing, increased the squad size, rebalanced the classes, etc. The maps look better as well.

UnholyLight1346d ago

1942 remake??? HELL YES PLEASE.

venom061346d ago

yes it does... and what's even better the majority of the CoD YouTubers that went to the LA event, said that they even enjoyed playing BF4... even though it may look a little similiar to BF3, its DEFINITELY the true all out battle next-gen experience of 2013 with so many upgrades, improvements, enhancements and all around polishing that BF3 didn't come close to.

demonddel1346d ago

PS4 version gonna make this look like a Dreamcast game

caperjim1346d ago

Mortar spamming again? I hope not.

SolidStoner1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

*general screaming*... "than move your a** soldier!!! no sitting around in the woods! Go! Go! Go!!!!Get to tha chopaaa"

windblowsagain1346d ago

Yeah that did not look good.

Magic mortar.

Running around like it's a toy,lol.


BALLARD321346d ago

I'd rather not have to listen to these dudes talk. Why can't DICE and EA just release some raw gameplay themselves?

ChipChipperson1346d ago

I don't see what's so hard for them to do so. We need more gameplay videos that don't involve youtube commentary.

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