GTA IV receives another perfect score + radio stations revealed

The latest issue of the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine is reaching subscribers and it includes another review of GTA 4. They awarded the game 10/10 and published a complete list of all in game radio stations!

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SPARTAAN3898d ago

the first goty 08 contender is here

3898d ago
Milky3898d ago

As good as It will be, I hope it doesnt win GOTY. I just think there will be so much more innvative games coming out this year.

chaosatom3333898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

It deserves to get 10/10 from every review.
It has both a long single player as well as a multiplayer and is a complete full game.

Halo averages to be around 93 with a short single player.
Cod4 to be 94 for the same thing.
Bioshock - 95 with no online.
Mass effect - 90 with no online.

I am not saying that these games don't deserve the score they do because of short campaign or no online but these games are not even in the same league as GTAiv.

How can gta show that's its far superior from games like halo if it doesn't get all 10s.

RealTimeWeaponChange3897d ago

Halo 3 was not short. Now you know.

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LightningPS33898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

An ass raping from EA is looming.

BeaArthur3898d ago

Possibly, but if the buy out doesn't take place before the games release we most likely won't see it; at least not anytime soon. Here's hoping that Take Two can hang in just a little bit longer.

vloeistof3898d ago

gta iv ftw ... omg its almost here !!!!!

BLUR1113898d ago

i know its got to be 9.6 to even a 10. its going to be the real deal gta game. i know the story and everything in the has to awesome but i hope that the multiplayer will be amazing even better than cod4, halo, or unreal. u never know

BLUR1113898d ago

if i changed my avatar and took out the word halo ^ in that comment i would get agree's

Ali_The_Brit3898d ago

i very much doubt this game will get any less than 4/5, 9/10. 90%

BeaArthur3898d ago will only get less than that if the reviewer is just one of those people who hates popular games.

RealTimeWeaponChange3897d ago

lmao, BeaArthur. It's so god damn true. I friggin HATE those people. I run into them all the time (not here). They make me sick. They think it's cool to hate what everyone else loves, like they're somehow more sophisticated for hating it. Makes me sick.