Fastest PS VITA Platinum Trophy “33 minutes”

Have you ever wondered what is the fastest Platinum on the PS VITA ?
Today you will see a game that can be platinumed in 33 mins.

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Mio1616d ago

A Plat in 33 Minutes, need to buy this :D

Hakoom1616d ago

every trophy hunter needs to buy this lol

UltimateMaster1615d ago

God I was bored after the first minute, I doubt I'll take 33 minutes of it..
Cute anime, i guess... is there even a point to this game?

Viper71615d ago

It's not really a game, it's kind of like a digital book with pictures that tells you a story which you can sometimes heavily influence by choices.

To tell the truth, this is not really that far from the "movie like experiences" we get in some of the games these days. (Cinematic take downs, cutscenes after cutscenes and quick time events.)

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Hicken1616d ago

Need more graphic novels in the west.

BLAKHOODe1616d ago

How long will it take me to learn whatever language that is so that I'll know what I'm doing the 30 minutes it takes me to get the platinum?

Hakoom1616d ago

u dont need to learn anything
just follow a guide :)

Th4Freak1616d ago

Its Japanese and it will take you years, Kanji are a kick straight to the nuts.

andrewsqual1616d ago

Mine was Sly 4. Platinumed it on PS3. Fired up my PS Vita version and BOOM instaPlatinum ^_^

Hakoom1616d ago

i mentioned this in my video
sly 4 doesnt count
i got mine in 45 seconds.. but thats because of a cross save
the actual plat time is 15~20hours

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