Grand Theft Auto V High Quality Video Shows a Beach Club, Photography, Boating, Pumas, Fort Zancudo

Grand Theft Auto V is only two days away, but if you really can’t wait, here's one more high quality video showing quite a few interesting elements.

Several screenshots are also included if the video is taken down.

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macethedon1526d ago


Maddens Raiders1526d ago

Oh yeah they did. Magnificence.

badboy7761526d ago

ps3 on my samsung pn51e8000 tv!

Beastforlifenoob1526d ago

PLEASE R* release this game for PS4 & PC so we don't have to deal with the miserable resolution and ugly ass jaggies. PLEASE we want next gen GTA now not in 5 years.

PLEASE! This game looks amazing AT LEAST release it for PS4 AT LEAST. And maybe PC to.

vishmarx1526d ago

sorry tlou
guess we have a new gotg

vishmarx1526d ago

simple.I have the game.10

I_am_Batman1526d ago

@maximus1985: So you can tell by looking at a game that it is the best game of the last 8 years?

That's pretty impressive.

Maddens Raiders1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

No reason to fret. TLOU is/was in a league all it's own. It was a dialogue driven masterpiece. GTAV is on another level, it looks like it might be an open world masterpiece. Too early for /all of us/ to tell which will be the greatest overall... yet.

I_am_Batman1526d ago

@Maddens Raiders: I completely agree. That's why I'm not saying that one is better than another. I just think a term like game of the generation is unnessessary. I couldn't even determine a personal Goty this year let alone the best game of the whole gen.

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Hazmat131526d ago

wow hey look at that water. haha

AbortMission1526d ago

I thought I read "pornography" in the title Lol.

Abriael1526d ago

Wishful thinking? Well, he does photograph breasts.

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The story is too old to be commented.