Seven Reasons to be Excited about PS Vita TV

Dealspwn writes: Earlier this week, Sony took to the stage at the Tokyo Game Show to announce the excellent-looking PS Vita TV micro-console, which will be released in Japan later this year. Sony haven’t announced anything about a Western release beyond “stay tuned”, but considering the high interest the device has received from this half of the world, we’re expecting to get our hands on it early next year at the latest. We can’t complain really, especially as Japan is getting the Vita TV device instead of the PS4 this year. I bet they’re furious deep down, but in a really polite way.

So, is Vita TV really just a consolation prize for gamers in Sony’s homeland? Far from it, in fact, I really want one. Is that because I’ve been told I can’t? Very possibly, but here are another seven reasons why I’m crossing everything in the hope we’ll soon be plugging the little white box into a nearby TV.

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rambi801714d ago

If the vita hardware can be this cheap then hopefully the next xperia play can use it....that would really be epic

AbortMission1714d ago

Xperia play is dead, dude. Lol

BattleAxe1714d ago

Its all about Xperia Z these days.

nix1714d ago

i still walk around with my xperia play. now i've stopped playing games on it because i've bought a Vita but sony did leave us in the dark with no absolute upgrades.

am still miffed with sony for that even though am PS boy.

tubers1713d ago

A reasonably priced VITA smartphone with fast dual booting onto Android would be an instant pre-order for me if Sony allowed such.

nosferatuzodd1714d ago

yep there you go vita tv is great

Benjammin251714d ago

I love how small it is. It looks like an external hard drive, and yet it allows you to play so many great games on your TV. If (and it's a big if) Sony advertise this correctly, Vita TV could be a massive success.

nosferatuzodd1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

lol i hear ya its so compact and nice

N4G851714d ago Show
aNDROiD17_1714d ago

wow vita tv sounds awesome.

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