Wii U Weekly Deals: Wii U Basic 8GB $280, Rayman Legends $46, NFS:MW / ME3 / Fifa 13 $17 each & more

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edgarohickman1647d ago

Anyone played Rayman Legends?
Should I buy this game on Wii U or PS3?

rambi801647d ago

well its cheaper on the wiiu, and uses the gamepad.

i have to get this for vita, Origins was awesome as well

gamer421647d ago

Consumer beware the vita version doesn't have all the content the console version has.

Th4Freak1647d ago

@gamer42 Ubisoft said they're going to release a free DLC with the missing content.

Williamson1647d ago

Even if the vita version wasn't going to get patch it still a great version since its basically the same as consoles but with portability.

Apollo11647d ago

Wii U since you can use the Gamepad.

andrewsimons1647d ago

I played the game on both, and it is better on Wii U.

DoggyBiscuit1647d ago

Legends for Wii U is the definite version

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timothyckeegan1647d ago

Wii U for sure, you can use the Gamepad touchscreen to control Murphy.

Wescyde1647d ago

I would get it on Wii U, Technically it was an exclusive for the Wii U so thats the system that has the best version because of the gamepad.

iplay1up21647d ago

The disagrees on the Wii U version being better are fanboys, and that's fine. All versions are great BUT the Wii U is better because of the gamepad. Common the entire game was initially designed with the gamepad in mind. Delustional fanboys. Why can't you just let a couple of games be better on Wii U.

IPLAY21647d ago

Why buy a basic? Price cut this week $299 Deluxe w WW...Hello!

Qrphe1647d ago

Exactly, that price is definitely not a good deal

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