MGO Beta Available for Download

If you were one of the people who pre-ordered MGS4 and have the voucher to be in the beta, the Beta is available to download, requiring 741 MB.

Please be aware that the actual beta won't start until April 21st 2008 thru May 5th 2008

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Marceles3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

yup, downloading it now :)

pandabear3894d ago

Yip, seems to be true, what I want to know is there an offline training mode that can be accessed now???

If so I think i'm starting to feel ill and will have to leave work and go home IMMEDIATELY!!!

Marceles3894d ago

would be cool to make a LAN to play around with the controls, but seems like they're really emphasizing that no one will be able to play until the 21st...we'll see about that *squints eyes*

CrazyMystical3894d ago

this blows more than 50cent bullet proof

vickers5003894d ago

To everyone who is having problems downloading: BETA CODE IS CASE SENSITIVE, so don't freak out.

PopEmUp3894d ago

have anyone play it yet? this game look like CS man can't wait

jwatt3894d ago

Do you guys think they might let us play early?

Crazyglues3894d ago

yeah it turns out people with the 9 digit codes have got the dvd's that where printed wrong, the code is suppose to be 12 digits, you can write konami and they should issue you a new one,

Or you can do the online free one - http://www.onlineregister.c...

just fill out the info and they should email you a code. But hurry I hear they are going quick and not everyone will get in.

MikeGdaGod3894d ago

there's already an update and it's taking forever to dl

jonnyboy3894d ago

How big is the download??

Kulupoo3894d ago

like 750mb...
lol holding my breath while downloading and waiting for 21th....
O.o (passing out/ fall on the ground twitching)

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SickNick853894d ago

For european PSN is Avalaible????

CViper3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )


I wonder what Kotaku's negative spin on this will be?


BulletToothtony3894d ago

even thou kotaku kinda hates a little on everyone (not so much the wii) it's really not as bad as joystiq.

For some reason they just have some type of nasty spin on any good ps3 news.

They kinda have to thou because about 80% of their readers are 360 owner which since 2006 have been bashing the ps3 so they have to keep them happy

Marceles3894d ago

next Kotaku article: "MGO Beta Ready For Download, Broken?...Yup, so we finally downloaded the beta but we can't install PSN doomed? We think so." (comment under article) "It IS doomed! XBL rules! brb...playing Halo 3"

freakyzeeky3894d ago

Better now then wait for the sun to come up, since I don't want it to DL all day ;)