Why it’s OK to believe in a comeback for the PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita entered the gaming world with so much promise. With its impressive hardware specifications and dual thumbsticks, it was supposed to blur the line the between console and handheld. Over a year has passed since its launch and still the Vita just isn’t there yet; what happened?

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Concertoine1678d ago

Vita sales have no where to go but up at this point

Hicken1678d ago

It could still go down and be at the realm of Wii U sales.

P0werVR1677d ago

I believe it's going to do fine.

Just when it was at the edge of existence, looking at the games coming out for it and PS TV...I'd say those are sellers.

thehobbyist1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Let's factor in how VITA sales could go up:
Price drop on console
Price drop on memory
new cheaper model with alternate colors incoming
PS VITA TV incoming(Let's players will love that)
Killzone: Mercenary
God Eater 2 for all those Monster Hunter fans
Remote play
Let's factor in how Wii U sales could go up:
Pikmin 3
Wind Waker HD
Mario Kart 8... Oh wait that doesn't have a release date yet...
Smash Bros??? But that's a really long ways off so does that count?...
I fail to see how the VITA could fall into the same hole as the Wii U.

Hicken1677d ago

It was a hypothetical. Sheesh.

Concertoine1677d ago

wow how onesided can you be?
the wii u had a price drop
bayonetta 2
smash bros
donkey kong country
a bloody new 3D MARIO

wii u has no where to go but up as well. both systems have been sitting at the bottom of sales, and both have a wealth of games coming. henceforth both will sell better from here on out.

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strifeblade1678d ago ShowReplies(9)
GirlOnFire1678d ago

I love all the buzz V tv has gotten. I love my Vita but I'm getting both the new model and Vita Tv. ^~^

Stsonic1678d ago

I hope the vita 2.0 is built just as well as the original, I have been through two tablets and a phone since I got my vita. It is built like a finely tuned German speed train.

GdaTyler1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Just a question. Will Vita Tv sales count as Vita sales? Reply to me please. I want to know if this will help Vita achieve more developer support eventually.

devwan1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

It's called Vita, has a Vita game slot, it lets you download Vita games from PSN... it's a Vita (and much more).

iamnsuperman1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

You question can be broken up into two parts.

1. It will count towards Sony's handheld division sale number but not specifically the Vita number (some we don't really know but only know through guess work as Sony, like all companies, lump figures together)

2. It will as it plays Vita games. Just don't expect touch compatible games but, in theory more games will get developed for the system (as it is essentially a Vita without the screen and battery while filling other criteria for the multimedia box market) if this sell very well (early signs in Japan suggest it is a hit there).

Nicaragua1678d ago

if they make it compatible with the Dualshock4 then even the touch games shouldn't be a problem.

Ju1678d ago

As soon as the Vita TV is actually available, I am sure, we will get (more) Vita games with full DS3/4 support.

imXify1678d ago

It's like asking if 2DS sales will count as 3DS.

Yes it will.

BattleAxe1678d ago

"Just a question. Will Vita Tv sales count as Vita sales?"

Lets take a moment to psychoanalyse this question........ yes.

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SonyStyled1678d ago

i was in my gamestop yesterday and i asked my gamestop employee how the vitas where selling after the price drop and he replied "not too bad honestly". vita can only push forward from here on out i suppose

Godmars2901678d ago

Its a product FFS. If it gives me reason to buy it, I'll buy it. If not, I wont.

Hate the way that consumerism has become "faith based".

Pixel_Enemy1678d ago

More sales equals more support from developers... If no one buys it but you, and you don't care what your peers think, that's good for you until no one develops for a platform with no userbase. Then how cool is your piece of tech with nothing worth playing on it.

I love my Vita and I hope more people buy into it so that I will get more games to play.

thehobbyist1677d ago

There's already more than 50 games folks the Vita isn't lacking on games. Most of them are good too if you actually stop to play them.

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