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GTA V Next Gen and PC Versions Should Already Exist

Because of the difference between current gen and next gen/pc architectures the porting time would be quite high. So unless Rockstar plans to release PS4/Xbox One and PC version (if at all) in 2014, they already exist.

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Community1549d ago
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GarrusVakarian1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

The fact we haven't seen any evidence is because of how good R* are at keeping things under wraps. There are definitely PC/Next Gen versions, next gen is too big of an opportunity to miss. I have no doubt that this game would be a system seller if it was bundled with a PS4/Xbox One.

Hellsvacancy1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


I'll get it for the PS4 one day i'm sure, for now the PS3 version will keep me happy whilst I wait for FFXHD and Dark Souls 2

I want to make sure I finish this current generation of games before I adopt a new

codelyoko1549d ago

Yea but the author is talking about a completed game for Next Gen and PC. Not just almost finished code :) But yea you are right.

GarrusVakarian1549d ago

I said they are good, not perfect :p

yeahokchief1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Dark Souls 2 is going to be so good.

I have no regrets about cancelling my PS4 between GTA V and Dark Souls 2.

I think GTA Online will be next gen but I wouldn't be so sure about GTA V. Rockstar has never done a port. They're always focused on something bigger and better.

I think it's best to keep GTA V exclusive to PS3 and 360 and go ahead with GTA Online for PC,PS4 and XB1.

r1sh121549d ago

yeah. There is no doubt it will be in the final stages for PC/X1/PS4.
Why would they hurt their own sales by releasing it to next gen so early.
Give it 6-9 months (as with all previous GTAs) and it will be released.

SJPFTW1549d ago

I find it unlikely. Most people who are going to buy XOne & PS4 have either a 360 or PS3 already. Unlikely they will hold out on the biggest most hyped game ever. Rockstar has been working hard on GTA 5 since the 4th one, so the game is optimized for current gen consoles.

If anything they will probably go full gear and start work on RDR2 or GTA6 and make a true next gen game that takes full advantage of next gen hardware.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1549d ago

There is no excuse to not have the pc version release now.. so if alot of pc gamers pirate it then they have themselves to blame.

RumbleFish1549d ago

I would not say that R*'s release tactics are justifying piracy, but I too find it annoying that I have to wait for the PC version. I played GTA IV on PS3 and on PC, but this time I will wait for the PC version.

KYU21301549d ago

I agree it would be a system seller, But i don't think next-gen versions of this games exist (i could be massively wrong). If anything we could see GTAV online only on next-gen console in the first part of Q1 2014 as R* are touting GTAV online as a separate but equal experience. Doing so would give them time to pull out code that ties the online experience to the disc based game.

This would also allow them to offer a next-gen title early in the cycle (especially since they have already stated that GATV online will be free). While it is a multi-platform title it would be a large feather in Sonys Free to play cap.

CuddlyREDRUM1549d ago

The fact you call Rockstar (R*) is just a show at how well you would lick their shit.

GarrusVakarian1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Lol, what?

Nevermind, just checked your comment history, being angry, cynical and miserable seems to be the norm for you. You should see someone about that.

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PSWiiKing1549d ago

A Wii U Version of GTA V should exist to, but that ain't gonna happen neither.

noctis_lumia1549d ago

does anyone play that "next gen thing" anymore ?

Murad1549d ago

Dude I still want to play it. No need to be harsh or rude or even worse, act like it's a plague, since in reality, it's trying something different than the PS4 and Xbone.

CocoWolfie1549d ago

im expecting at least a downloadable last gen version seeing as the next gen aint that compatible, but i doubt ill complain anyhow :p

Angeljuice1549d ago

Although I have been saying this for a while, I never trust a 'journalist' who is so bad at spelling and lacks basic grammatical skills. What differentiates this person from anybody on n4g? He's incompetent at his job/hobby, so why believe he knows anything about any other industry?

cococabana1549d ago

Chinese scientists wouldn't be able to spell half as good as this guy yet they would know more about architecture then you ever could. Putting it as bluntly as you did ^^

xharrypotterx1549d ago

*his spelling
*so why should we

Using your logic you are incompetent and thus your opinion should and will be discarded.

Angeljuice1549d ago

Journalism is not my chosen field. If I were a journalist I wouldn't publish something full of mistakes like that. Your corrections are incorrect also.
Do you know what a journalist does? He communicates using words. Words are his tools. Do you trust a tradesman who can't use the tools of his trade?

I am one of the n4g users I referred to in my previous text you fool.

CuddlyREDRUM1549d ago

Wow, you got really bitchy.

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