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Hideo Kojima Is in Trouble With the TGS Demo of Metal Gear Solid V: Enemies are Too Unpredictable

Hideo Kojima himself is going to show a gameplay demo of the Ground Zeroes prologue of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at during a series of stage events at the Tokyo Game show, but he's running into a problem: apparently the enemies are so unpredictable that he can't really plan the presentation beforehand. (Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Irishguy95  +   754d ago
Go with the flow. Hope for the best
Abriael  +   754d ago
Get killed by the guard that was urinating in the corner.

True AI.
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Tony-Red-Grave  +   754d ago
peeing gaurd:*pees on octocamo reveals a prone snake* !

snake: !!!! da fa-

gaurd:continues peeing then shoots.
crxss  +   754d ago
this only sounds like a problem for a presentation but good for us players
doctorstrange  +   754d ago | Funny
"Metal Gear Solid V: Enemies are Too Unpredictable" is an odd name for a game. I like it.
pedrof93  +   754d ago
Amazing A.I must be mentioned at a stealth game... but please not on a racing game...
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ZHZ90  +   754d ago
"apparently the enemies are so unpredictable that he can't really plan the presentation beforehand"

Sounds great to me.
Tskales  +   754d ago
Sounds awesome to gamers, but the extra challenge will likely put off the casuals, who's demand has resulted in the decline and dumbing down of games.
Ritsujun  +   754d ago
ChrisW  +   753d ago
God I love Quiet's trailer-park-trash face!!! It's so hawt!
Murad  +   753d ago
Maybe you shouldn't have peeked??! :P
bobtheimpaler  +   754d ago
Exactly. As someone who really wants AI to progress and be more dynamic, this is excellent news to me.
ArchangelMike  +   754d ago
I've got mixed expectations for the next Metal Gear Games (Ground Zeroes and MGSV). From the little I've seen and heard, I feel that Kojima is westernising the game a bit too much. While this might give the games a broader appeal, will it loose too much of it's metal gear soul? I'll still get the games, but I hope Kojima knows what he's is doing and hasn't hit the wall. What do you call 'writer's block' for game devs?
kB0  +   754d ago
To be fair the MGS series have always been very westernized.
KonsoruMasuta  +   754d ago
Compared to other games in the east, MGS has always been kind of westernized.
AbortMission   754d ago | Personal attack | show
stuna1  +   754d ago
It's called gamer's block! But I have faith in Kojima to once again astound his supporters, he is after all a master when it comes to presentation of his games.
mediate-this  +   754d ago
All the western advertisers in mgs4
CommonSense  +   754d ago
I think the game could stand a little more westernization. the story is so convoluted, and i'm guessing that's because a lot of stuff doesn't translate well.
wishingW3L  +   753d ago
the story is convoluted because of its massive amounts of exposition through extremely long codecs and cut-scenes. Even Japanese people have a hard time fully grasping the story of Metal Gear games outside of the basic concept of Snake having to infiltrate to some place to destroy a weapon of mass destruction.
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tarbis  +   754d ago
Well, that's good. At least we now know the game will have smart enemies. Not those that stand on the corner doing nothing. lol
NarooN  +   754d ago
Reminds me of that one guard from MGS1, on the Heliport, the one who just sits in the corner sleeping most of the time by the camera, XD.
hkgamer  +   754d ago
tbh.. that is PR bullshit...

Something similar to when you have a job interview and they ask you what is your biggest weakness.

he is just bragging about enemy AI without actually bragging about it and look arrogant.
nyobzoo  +   754d ago
enemy changes AI everytime? Sounds good to me
thejoker1000  +   754d ago
very intersting
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FullmetalRoyale  +   754d ago

*strokes chin*

.... Verrrry intersting...

PirateKing  +   754d ago
He's scared his presenter will die or something doing the mission, so what? I hate this notion that everything in a presentation has to be sweet and always show positive elements; its called real life.
Kryptix  +   754d ago
I'm guessing he might be running on limited time to present it so if he dies a few times, he might not be able to show off the whole demo. That or he doesn't want a gif to be created from an unexpected and funny moment. Like the A.I. messes up and does a 360 no scope. lol Probably get some heat for the A.I. if that happens but I trust Kojima though. He's a legend to the industry. :P
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Abriael  +   754d ago
The first is exctly what he means. He's at the Sony stage event, so he can't extend the time. If he dies too much, he won't be able to show the whole demo.
NarooN  +   754d ago
I wonder what happened to just using God-mode? That's actually one of the origins of such cheat codes from back in the day (besides debugging and QA testing) -- devs would just have some type of God-mode enabled for presentation purposes, so they wouldn't waste time restarting from a death and ruining the flow of the presentation.
DaReapa  +   754d ago
But the risk to that is that it may be a put off to viewers and potential customers, appearing as a relatively simple game.
EXVirtual  +   754d ago
At least they've go intricate AI on this game.
Very interesting. Can't wait to see it!
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AbortMission  +   754d ago
I'd rather have very unpredictable AI to keep me interested/on my toes over bland, scripted AI that do the same damn movements that make it easy for me to pass a level once I get the feel of it. If games are to become realistic simulators, they need to incorporate very unpredictable AI.
EXVirtual  +   754d ago
That's what I meant. Oops. Lol.
Anyway, I think all upcoming games should try unpredictable AI.
chrissx  +   754d ago
I think this is what every upcoming game should focus on. Unpredictable AI
This doesn't sound like he's having a problem at all with the demo he is hinting at the incredible AI in the game. I trust Kojima to make an engaging and innovative MGS title just like he always does but I know this one will be leaps and bounds more impressive than anything game he has ever made. TGS can't come soon enough.
SatanSki  +   754d ago
Yeah sure. I heard it before when they said Radiant AI from Oblivion was too good. We all know how it ended
Irishguy95  +   754d ago
Yeah but that's bethesda, they do nothing but overhype and lie. Watch Gameplay vids/previews of any of there games and see how much they BS
Chapter11  +   754d ago
I'll believe it when I see it. To me, the fact that regenerating health is now in the game completely takes away any need for stealth anyway.
Shadonic  +   754d ago
ppl have said that its possible that the demonstrator used some hot key for quick rations. The idea that regenerating health being in the game came from people noticing blood splatters dissipearing from the screen after snake had taken damage moments ago. no cold hard facts just speculations.
trenso1  +   754d ago
well i don't think they would put health re gen while you are moving but in past games if crouch and stay still your health will regen
sweetSWAGGER  +   754d ago
Yes, and the beauty of this was how it was used. Your health can only deplete until it reached a certain, critical point. After that, the health bar changed color and started depleting automatically (simulating that you were bleeding out); with a blood trail giving away your position. Sure, crouching did help to regenerate your health... but it's only really stopping the bleeding. So your health never really fully regenerated on its own.

For a stealth/sneaking game; this small feature was incredible, and I've never really appreciated the importance of it until I found out about the regenerating-health rumor. Hopefully, the disappearing blood was just a camera effect.
Hicken  +   754d ago
How about waiting UNTIL it's fact before calling it that?
DaReapa  +   754d ago
@ Chapter

If that's true about the regenerating health then that makes this an automatic no buy for me. It's one thing that Kojima has been taking this "'steath' or guns-blazing" approach with the recent games, and now this?? And people wonder why the stealth genre is becoming a dying breed.
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_QQ_  +   754d ago
Keep it like this Kojima, this generation of gamers have gotten too used to hand holding.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   754d ago
Well. This makes me want the game even more.
Inception  +   754d ago
The A.I are too unpredictable?! Than that's GREAT!
Bring it on Kojima-san! ^^

But wait, i smell bullshit reviewer who dumbed down MGS V score because of this :(
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Summons75  +   753d ago
Probably, Kotaku complained about how W101 was "too hard" and wanted tips and help through the whole game, when they didn't pay attention to the game. I bet they will cry about this because it will be challenging and besides quick tutorials in the beginning they never help you.

Personally I can't wait for this, more now than ever knowing Kojima still works hard to improve AI unlike any other dev who just wants realistic graphics and nothing else. Though the majority of gamers and reviewers who started gaming with the 360/ps3/wii gen will cry about how difficult it is and how there should be tips popping up every 3 seconds telling you how to play.
-Gespenst-  +   754d ago
Well if anything, a presentation in which the demo player keeps failing because of difficult AI shows that the game is super challenging. Which isn't exactly a bad thing.

Although I suppose it depends on what he means by "unpredictable". There's kind of a thin line there between complex and just plain stupid. They might just behave in ways that no person would ever behave in. I guess we'll see.
Xsilver  +   754d ago
isn't that a good thing i love challenges
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e-p-ayeaH  +   754d ago
realistic behavior like soldiers taking bathroom breaks, getting a cold or falling into sleep when its too quiet would be a nice touch.
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breakpad  +   754d ago
the only thing that bothers me in MGSV is that this time will not include real life weaponry but imaginary as it seems from the demos ...pls Kojima change that element..real world guns and equipement were always a basic element of MGS series
isarai  +   754d ago
What an awesome problem to have, UGH CAN'T WAIT T PLAY IT!!!
TrollCraftTales  +   754d ago
It's funny how the things that worry Kojima are things we want in the game...
WitWolfy  +   753d ago
And Vice Versa "looks at Kiefer Sutherland"
BABY-JEDI  +   754d ago
Great re-play-ability. Cannot criticise this. Unless the AI follows you around saying 'I can see you Snake' in a freaky-creepy voice of course.
_QQ_  +   754d ago
or" i can see you (your name here)",i would probably burn the disk at that point.
Summons75  +   753d ago
Psycho Mantis comes back.

"Ohhhh I see you like downloading DLC for call of duty, what a fool"
or post something on your facebook status because gaming can't just be about video games anymore.
puntthor  +   754d ago
kojima is not able to make a mistake! i am the kojima fanboy! everything he says is perfect! MGS is our generations othello! blah blah blah kojima's babble is totally coherent to us! :D i love kojima and i consider him the one true god! our revengence is nigh!
franwex  +   754d ago
MGS games have always had difficulty levels. So if it gets too hard can't just the player play on an easier mode? I'm sure the developers have everything figured out, the franchise has a clean record in mostly everyone's book.
thejigisup  +   754d ago
I only see this as a good thing.I happen to think its about time we get to see developers show AI and difficulty rather than a scripted easy perfect situation every time. I dont want to see a glammed up version of the game im going to possibly purchase.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   754d ago
Unpredictable enemies is bad? STFU!

People are so anal on this game for no reason beside simple nitpicking.

I like where this game is going and can't wait to play it next year. Kojima and company have never let me down.
kakashi81  +   754d ago
I bet this will be one of the best games of the next generation.
sklorbit  +   754d ago
looks good lol. read title as too predictable at first
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pwnsause_returns  +   754d ago
"Hideo Kojima Is in Trouble With the TGS Demo of Metal Gear Solid V: Enemies are Too Unpredictable"

and how is this a bad thing?????? No noobs allowed....GTFO.
puntthor  +   754d ago
typical 1337 gamer response...

"i know how to do it, therefore everyone else should know too!"

the smelly nerdy boys only gamer club is over. let people enjoy what they want
pwnsause_returns  +   754d ago
Play hard, or gtfo, I don't play dumb down games. I'm tired of that cheap that was the casualfest of this current gen.

It's like drinking 5 shots of Bacardi 151 , it isn't gentlemans club unless its 5.
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Batzi  +   754d ago
That's actually excellent news!
Dagobert  +   754d ago
Isn't this good AI for enemies?
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