Hideo Kojima Is in Trouble With the TGS Demo of Metal Gear Solid V: Enemies are Too Unpredictable

Hideo Kojima himself is going to show a gameplay demo of the Ground Zeroes prologue of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at during a series of stage events at the Tokyo Game show, but he's running into a problem: apparently the enemies are so unpredictable that he can't really plan the presentation beforehand.

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Irishguy951529d ago

Go with the flow. Hope for the best

Abriael1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Get killed by the guard that was urinating in the corner.

True AI.

Tony-Red-Grave1529d ago

peeing gaurd:*pees on octocamo reveals a prone snake* !

snake: !!!! da fa-

gaurd:continues peeing then shoots.

crxss1529d ago

this only sounds like a problem for a presentation but good for us players

doctorstrange1529d ago

"Metal Gear Solid V: Enemies are Too Unpredictable" is an odd name for a game. I like it.

pedrof931529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Amazing A.I must be mentioned at a stealth game... but please not on a racing game...

ZHZ901528d ago

"apparently the enemies are so unpredictable that he can't really plan the presentation beforehand"

Sounds great to me.

Tskales1528d ago

Sounds awesome to gamers, but the extra challenge will likely put off the casuals, who's demand has resulted in the decline and dumbing down of games.

ChrisW1528d ago

God I love Quiet's trailer-park-trash face!!! It's so hawt!

Murad1528d ago

Maybe you shouldn't have peeked??! :P

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bobtheimpaler1528d ago

Exactly. As someone who really wants AI to progress and be more dynamic, this is excellent news to me.

ArchangelMike1529d ago

I've got mixed expectations for the next Metal Gear Games (Ground Zeroes and MGSV). From the little I've seen and heard, I feel that Kojima is westernising the game a bit too much. While this might give the games a broader appeal, will it loose too much of it's metal gear soul? I'll still get the games, but I hope Kojima knows what he's is doing and hasn't hit the wall. What do you call 'writer's block' for game devs?

kB01529d ago

To be fair the MGS series have always been very westernized.

KonsoruMasuta1529d ago

Compared to other games in the east, MGS has always been kind of westernized.

stuna11528d ago

It's called gamer's block! But I have faith in Kojima to once again astound his supporters, he is after all a master when it comes to presentation of his games.

mediate-this1528d ago

All the western advertisers in mgs4

CommonSense1528d ago

I think the game could stand a little more westernization. the story is so convoluted, and i'm guessing that's because a lot of stuff doesn't translate well.

wishingW3L1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

the story is convoluted because of its massive amounts of exposition through extremely long codecs and cut-scenes. Even Japanese people have a hard time fully grasping the story of Metal Gear games outside of the basic concept of Snake having to infiltrate to some place to destroy a weapon of mass destruction.

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tarbis1529d ago

Well, that's good. At least we now know the game will have smart enemies. Not those that stand on the corner doing nothing. lol

NarooN1528d ago

Reminds me of that one guard from MGS1, on the Heliport, the one who just sits in the corner sleeping most of the time by the camera, XD.

hkgamer1528d ago

tbh.. that is PR bullshit...

Something similar to when you have a job interview and they ask you what is your biggest weakness.

he is just bragging about enemy AI without actually bragging about it and look arrogant.

nyobzoo1529d ago

enemy changes AI everytime? Sounds good to me

thejoker10001529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

very intersting

FullmetalRoyale1528d ago


*strokes chin*

.... Verrrry intersting...