XTREME PS3 Reviews New PlayStation Store

US PlayStation Store vs. Euro PlayStation Store: How do the two stores compare and is it really easier to navigate? XTREME PS3 Writes:

"There are more categories available so it makes finding what you want a lot easier. But this is where the US and Euro stores are different. The US store is much better organized with content much easier to find. For example, Demos can be found in the "Demos" category, but for Europe, you will have to first look in "Latest" and then "All Games" if you can't find it. There is no "Demos" category in the European Store. And what's with the "Family Games" category? The "Other Media" category contains Themes and Wallpapers to why not name it that (like the US store)?"

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Jones Miller3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Why? It doesnt make any sense! (I´m european)

Doctor Who3811d ago

hopefully they will change it erm soooooooon:)
+still the photos are still slow or don't load up. i'm not going to go on there until they fixed it. its very nice tho:P

hen0sz3r03811d ago

How did this get approved ? Reviewing a store ? An online store ? Come on now...

wAtdaFck3811d ago


Blackcanary3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

SCEE screwed us customers in Europe big time untill they change the store to like the One in HONG kong and USA i'm not buying a singel thing because its FACKED up we don't even get a preview button its like trying to find a Needle in a Hay stack Sony FACKED up big time.


Edit: and who the hell disagreed with me i'm not the only person who thinks this if u go to the Europe Playstation Fourm site you see that i'm not the only person who feel this way.

Iamback3811d ago

i agree with you and everyone knows i am sony fan. i am from Eu.

darkside3810d ago

maybe the different rules are set in place for Europe. North America and Europe are very different in the way they handle media.