PS3 Siren Game Confirmed Early

Kotaku writes: "Yup, just like we and pretty much everyone else thought, that blood red countdown clock was counting down to a PS3 Siren game. The upcoming issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu confirms it. Dubbed Siren New Translation, the PLAYSTATION 3 survival horror title is currently 90 percent done and apparently a reworking of the first game. It will go on sale this summer on July 24th, and a demo will be released on April 24th."

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Forbidden_Darkness3777d ago

the psn date thing that was released a while ago was right about that siren new translation thing and since it was from SCEE than it will have a demo in the us sometime also. ive nerv played a siren game but from what ive seen i cant wait to play.

MURKERR3777d ago

consoles in japan

lets hope the getaways 90% done to that would be a surprise!

Doppy3776d ago

@ 1.1 Love the avatar. LOL I just watched Big Trouble in Little China on TV a couple of days ago. #9 stuntman_mike is Kurt Russell, maybe u 2 should duke it out.

Getting back to the game I've yet to play a Siren game so a re-release isn't that bad for me anyways.

sonarus3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

lol once again i was correct. lol at ppl thinking it was heavy rain . It appears it is just a remake though. remake = lame

Superiorrior3776d ago

A remake is a good idea, westernize the hell out of it and you got a smash hit. Whether you believe it is lame or not, it'll sell.

Bleucrunch3776d ago


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SickNick853777d ago

I want FS 3....not a remake!!!!!

Marceles3777d ago

So that's what the "nt" stood for at the end of the link of the countdown, New Translation

Fishy Fingers3777d ago

LOL @ who ever disagreed with you!

Wildarmsjecht3777d ago

You too!

I guess saying comments that are logical, sensible, and not fueling any sort of fanboyism is bad in the Gamer zone.

heyheyhey3777d ago

not a huge fan of horror games

but the stealth in FS is very tense, definitley not a sunday morning game

i thought the countdown was for FS3, but hey- this is good too

on a side not, if the PS3 gets any more exclusives for this year announced (which it will), im afraid we'll have to check up on Mart reguarly to see if he's commited the unmentionable

SickNick853777d ago

What's that "Prologo"...for me it's not a remake but it's FS 0

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