Spong Interviews - Tancred Dyke-Wells - Studio Creative Director - Kuju London

Spong writes: "Tancred Dyke-Wells is a name and a man to treat with not a little respect. Having dabbled in TV before deciding it wasn't creative enough, he moved into video game design. He has now attained the position of Studio Creative Director at Kuju's London studios. The studio is best known for its development of Battalion Wars for GameCube, and the Wii follow-up, Battalion Wars 2 (BWii as it's also know).

We caught up with Tanc' to find out more about him, his role; what Wii development was like... and what games pissed him off.

SPOnG: What is your role?

Tancred: I'm Studio Creative Director; so I'm responsible for overseeing the direction and quality of the creative aspects of all our titles – game design, artwork, audio and writing. Prior to my current role I was Project Creative Director on Battalion Wars 1, which was basically my baby."

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