Check Out Two Devilishly Catchy Songs from the PS Vita Exclusive Uta Kumi 575

The PS Vita exclusive Uta Kumi 575 will use the Vocaloid system to create a quite unique rhythm game, and today Sega released to two full songs that will be showcased at Tokyo Game Show later this week.

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EXVirtual1015d ago

That is catchy. Especially the first one.

monobloss1015d ago

Yeah, the first one lol. These animations are amazing O_O

Kanako1015d ago (Edited 1015d ago )

Yeah, I think it's mo-cap though. But even so, whoever did the clean up did an awesome job! You can even tell they put a lot of time and effort in the hold poses alone.

r211015d ago

Ill be honest, I dont like these kinda games, but the animation is very good.

memots1015d ago

why is every Japanese games have to be in high school. Seriously

monobloss1015d ago

You have problem with this? -_-

memots1015d ago

I have no problem with it, but it seems to be a bit overused.

It was simply a question. You have problem with this?

izumo_lee1015d ago

Awwwwww....that's adorable!

tarbis1015d ago

Is it just me or is the art style same as Oreimo? O.o