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PS Vita 2000 LCD vs PS Vita 1000 OLED: Check Out a Five Minutes Long In-Depth Video Comparison

he internet has been ablaze with discussion both in Japan and in the west on the change from the OLED screen of the PCH-1000 PS Vita and the LCD screen of the new PCH-2000 unit. A video Shows a five minutes long in-depth comparison over multiple games. (PS Vita)

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LOGICWINS  +   754d ago
Fantastic comparison! I know people say u cant compare two screens via another screen (I watched via my Galaxy S4) but the difference is VERY apparent. Colors are more accurate on the OLED Vita. The LCD Vita has this weird green hue in certain situations.

1:53 is the smoking gun. Compare the white on both screens. That alone ends the debate in regards to which screen offers the most accurate representation of the game.

BUT the new Vita will likely last longer as it will consume less power, is slimmer, and lighter. Maybe good for people with smaller hands.
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ErcsYou  +   754d ago
i noticed the blues looked a lil green on the lcd too but the whites looked better on the lcd. Also noticed the the OLED would show orange but the LCD would show yellow. Ill take either one to be honest.
LOGICWINS  +   754d ago
The guy who shot this also moved the camera around to show the viewing angles. The OLED was the clear winner again. I dont think this version of the Vita will come to the US as it wouldnt do well. Vita 2000 is meant for impulse buyers in a country where handheld gaming devices are as common as smartphones. Hence for people who dont do research before buying and will buy something based primarily off of aesthetics.

In the US, portable gaming devices arent as popular and the Vita is one of the least popular handhelds at that. So the few people that do want a Vita in the West will do research and come across videos like this.

Not going to lie. In the parts that had Nathan Drake, they both looked pretty good. But the OLED excelled in most cases. I can see how someone whose never been exposed to the OLED version would like the LCD version.
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ErcsYou  +   754d ago
i noticed the viewing angles too. OLED won that one hans down. I disagree ( without using the disagree button ) about the US getting it. The OLED version will likely be discontinued in the near future and Vita excitement is raising as we get closer to Nov 15th. If it can hit a $179 price range people will buy it just to use it with their PS4. Vita software is another story though. Most US gamers want the PS Vita TV too but not to play Vita games, most want it for the streaming ability.
GribbleGrunger  +   754d ago
I'd have to agree with that, Logic. I think Sony are aiming this at Japan and emerging markets, especially emerging markets like China (although you wouldn't necessarily call that an emerging market. It's more like a dormant market at the moment).

I think it will make it's way outside of Japan but only as a trial run to see how accepting people are of it's new form factor and different colour saturation (I don't think viewing angle will make any difference to be honest). They're likely to keep the OLED version on the market in Europe and America and rely on the PS4 integration to help boost sales.

If it does do pretty well in the West, they're going to have to offer a decent price difference to incentify impulse buyers though: Perhaps $150 for the LCD version and $199 for the OLED version, with the LCD version dropping further in price much quicker. This is going to be a bit of a nightmare to advertise!

They're also likely to offer a VTV+PS4 bundle to the West in order to boost the sales of Vita games and so encourage more support from third parties, which 'should' have a knock on effect for all three units.
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LOGICWINS  +   754d ago
ErcsYou, you might be right. At $180, Sony may be going after the uninformed casual market looking for new gaming handheld to complement their 3DS or to upgrade from their DS. Since so few people in the US even know what a Vita is, Sony could discontinue the OLED Vita and introduce the redesign and it would be like the OLED Vita never existed.


Id be smart of Sony to keep the OLED version in the West and experiment with different colors, Im still waiting on that Red Vita KZ Mercs bundle lol.

And yeah, a $150 LCD Vita and $200 OLED would be a challenge to advertise. They might have to name the new Vita "Vita mini"
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viveks86  +   754d ago
I opened the comment box and realized ErcsYou, Logic and Gribble covered everything I wanted to say. Nothing more to add! :)
3-4-5  +   753d ago
The OLED makes the colors look " True ", where as the LCD adds a yellow tint to it.

The Blue's look amazing on the OLED but kind of greenish on the LCD.

Either way, both good screens but the Original Vita with the OLED screen is just a better screen.
CandyCaptain  +   753d ago
I think it's not so much that the colors are more accurate on the OLED Vita, as it is the games were designed around that screen. OLED screens have huge blue sub pixels. To compensate for the fact that they have the shortest lifespan. So on the vita original screen games' colors were adjusted as such. (Otherwise everything would be blueish.) When you run that same game on a completely different type of screen, you're gonna get issues like this.

The yellow white screen was pretty telling. But even so I'd say the original screen is better. Larger viewing angle, better color saturation(nature of the oled), and better blacks. Only downsides are the mura effect and the limited life span of the screen.

Even so, from previous comparison pics between the two, I'd say the lcd loses some detail, the image just isn't quite as sharp.

Though since my brother broke my oled 3g vita, I might get the revision. Mainly cause I know the lcd screen has a lower chance of dying, vs guaranteed oled death. (Though that wouldn't have saved it from how he broke it anyways.) Just that if I'm gonna be using it a lot, I want it to last a while.

For reference:

AbortMission  +   753d ago
You're scaring me with the "guaranteed oled death", what the hell do you mean? Are we talking about 2 years? 4 years of OLED screen life?

I don't want my Vita 1000 to die!
LocutusEstBorg  +   753d ago
The camera completely changes it's capture parameters dynamically while recording to accomodate the different screens. There is absolutely no way to compare them in the same video, let alone on another screen.
colonel179  +   754d ago
OLED wins hands down! I would have never believed that Sony would take away the OLED screen in a redesign. I thought that it was the selling point of the vita (as hardware). I don't get why Sony has been downgrading their systems since the PS3. If you look at the PS2, every version got smaller, but at the same time they were an improvement of some sort. The same with the PSP (except PSP Go IMO).

But with the PS3, and now the PS Vita, every remodel has been a downgrade in some way. The PS3 now doesn't even have a slot-load drive. It looks way too cheap to be a PS3 (it looks more like a cheap toy) The first slim, while still good, it was also a downgrade). Now the PS Vita gets a downgraded screen.

I know it is to cut costs, but aren't things supposed to get cheaper, so that they are allowed to cut the price, instead of replacing stuff for cheaper materials and components? It's a shame. I don't even want to imagine how a PS4 slim is going to be if this trend continues on Sony's part.
ZodTheRipper  +   754d ago
I actually thought that it depends on the situation - some pictures had much more Color on the OLED Vita while some scenes had more accurate and sharper colors on the LCD Vita. OLED wins in the end but the improvements on the new Vita make me regret buying mine last month ...knowing this, I probably would have waited for the new one - I also prefer the Vita in white :D
clearelite  +   753d ago
Any word on when that sexy white Vita is coming to the US/EU, etc.?
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PIRGANEK   754d ago | Offensive
OlgerO  +   754d ago
I Think that both screens look pretty good. obviously the OLED is a little better, but the LCD looks beautiful as well.
josephayal  +   754d ago
LCD is absolutely the future
nevin1  +   754d ago
Yea the top version looks better. Sony did a 180 here.
Salooh  +   753d ago
Then xbox360 to xbox360 slim is 180 too .
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HeyImBen11  +   753d ago
Pixel_Enemy  +   753d ago
You do know that LCD is a downgrade compared to OLED don't you?
deadfrag  +   754d ago
Color is much better calibrated on the LCD vita!I have a plasma panasonic calibrated professional in THX view and the lcd match the original color scale much better.Oled haves cool temperature color ,dont match original grey scale and THX color in anyway.
Vitalogy  +   753d ago
How can you say that its much calibrated on lcd when at minute 1:53 you can clearly see that what was supposed to be white background its actually more yellow-ish on the lcd screen when the oled shows a clear white.
Baka-akaB  +   752d ago
I dont even see what calibrating a screen in thx got to do with it .

Thx mode isnt about getting natural colors in games, it's about getting the original movies colors and feel .
knifefight  +   754d ago
This is helpful, though I'm still waiting to see what they look like in person.
plmkoh  +   754d ago
I've said it before, but this comparison is even clearer that the OLED panel has black crush.


captured at 1:14
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Azurite  +   753d ago
Though, note that the OLED Vita's brightness level was only at 80%.
piffdabiff  +   754d ago
I believe the OLED shows a more true colour pallet. But I have to say the LCD has warmer colours. I personally like warmer colours over cold ones. But then again this is nitpicking really.
MAULxx  +   753d ago
I prefer warm picture settings over cool ones also.
I just can't stand a blue tint on white. I'd rather have it a little dirty looking. That said, I don't own a vita & I'm really not into mobile gaming. I would like to play black gate though. I think the vitaTV might be a better option for me.
snitch_puck  +   753d ago
Fantastic comparison! I guess it really depends on what kind of color palette you prefer. I personally still like the OLED one, it's generally more realistic compared to the LCD which has this vintage/cinematic feel. I prefer sharpness though so I;ll still stay with the old Vita as slimness really isn't an issue for me either.
Chinkyinc18  +   753d ago
Don't really matter to me; I'm waiting for that Vitabox Sony is supposed to be releasing for $100 sometime in the near future. I'm not into the whole 'portable' gaming, but there are a few games exclusive to the Vita I would like to try out.
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Angerfist  +   753d ago
Good, i hope it stays OLED, im planning on one for Christmas :)
ElementX  +   753d ago
Don't you just love how Sony removes features when the release hardware revisions? First it was removing USB ports and BC from the phats, then it was removing the front loading disc for a flimsy, cheap sliding plastic cover on the latest ones. Next they tried to remove the mini disc drive from the PSP, that was a fail...Now they remove the good screen and replace it with junk. I'm glad I got my Vita when I did. BTW I do own one of those cheap sliding plastic cover ps3s and it sucks! Revisions are supposed to IMPROVE a product, Sony
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Angeljuice  +   753d ago
BC support was to allow early adopters to still play PS2 games. By the time they removed it there was enough of a back-catalogue of PS3 games to keep people happy. If you wanted the feature, you had to pay for it and not be a cheapskate!

USB's were cut because it saved money without compromising the core functionality of the console.
They were loosing hundreds of dollars per console, if they had kept the console at the same tech level, they still wouldn't have reduced the price. The disc loading was done recently to open the system up to a wider consumer base with a very low price point. At that point PS3 was no longer seen as a luxury item, it still retains the console's functionality.

If the revisions had added features, the price would still have stayed the same or even increased for Sony not to be losing money.

The price of the PS3 was a steal at launch, you got far more than you paid for. People who waited for price revisions were obviously not tech-savvy enough to realise this (or were gullible and believed the negative hype), and paid the price when these things were removed due to cost factors.
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ElementX  +   753d ago
I bought a launch unit but never owned a ps2 because I was a PC gamer at the time so I sold that to my brother in law who could actually use BC. I bought the downgraded Phat system and a 360. I sold both of those and a while back I bought another PS3 to play some of the exclusives like The Last of Us and Ni No Kumi (on my to-buy list)
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abusador  +   753d ago
Revisions from a corporate gaming perspective are suppose to minimize hardware costs and make systems more accessible to mass market without hurting integrity of hardware and sometimes making hardware more reliable so i dont know what your going on about. Dont know if you notice whenever their is a revision console price goes down. I own ps3 phat and new ps3 slim, and although ps3 phat is the best, my slim plays games just fine. Sony isnt the only ones tht take things away on revision, look at wii mini and the new 2ds without 3d and cheaper materials.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   753d ago
Despite Sony saying they are the same, this vid shows other wise. It's still not a fair comparison, with lighting and angles and such, but OLED does seem to be a better screen
HOWEVER, people need to stop freaking out.
I personally am happy with my OLED vita. If mine breaks, I most likely will get the OLED version again.
If you dont care for it, get the LCD
You are complaining, but you can get either (or both if you have the money)
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   753d ago
I like the lcd one more... but that white psv was damn good looking
jhoward585  +   753d ago
The original vita's OLED screen looks better than the new vita's LCD screen in my opinion. Not by much though..i'd say its about 20% better.
jhoward585  +   753d ago

I agree, I think Sony should still manufacture the original vita for the west market.

The vita started picking up steam right after the reveal of the PS4, before that the vita was a complete failure.

I think the reason for the vita craze right now is the fact that one take play their PS4 games on the go.

Beside, OLED screen maintain brightness better outdoors.
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TheGamingArt  +   753d ago
Wow, the OLED makes a big difference...
RaptgamersUnited  +   753d ago
I mean come on!!! Your not using this thing for ARTWORK PROJECTS
Your eyes will get use to the slightly off color saturation.
It's for games remember.....
JoeSchmoh  +   753d ago
it'll just make the older models more rare/classic to collectors. i'll be satisfied with either model
kupomogli  +   753d ago
The black level in the LCD model is so bad.
Deltaguy  +   753d ago
the OLED screens colors are un natural but more crisp...i wish sony would have used the same screen thats in the htc one..super lcd 3
lawgone  +   753d ago
The OLED looks 10x better. It looks like they used a really cheap LCD...the colors are way off. Is this LCD version going to cost less? If not, it's a rip off. If they want to make the Vita have more appeal in the U.S. they need to keep the OLED and upgrade the processor so it doesn't take forever and a day to load a game.
Hakoom  +   753d ago
not sure why but the black vita looks better in my taste..
maybe iam just blind ;x
redaxis  +   753d ago
OLED looks better. The LCD looks like having hue problem, everything looks greenish/yellowish. Another thing to consider other than color accuracy is the response time, OLED is known to have faster response time and IMO is the most important aspect of screen for gaming.

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