Sony Announces PlayStation Livestream Schedule and Links For Tokyo Game Show

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just announced its livestream schedule and relevant links for Tokyo Game Show, and it's indeed a quite rich program.

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ABeastNamedTariq1713d ago

I'm ready! Can't wait! There are going to be some surprises, that's for sure.

LOGICWINS1713d ago

I cant even fathom that Sony has even MORE surprises. They've knocked it out of the park four conferences in a row and theres more?! Talk about goin HAM lol.

viveks861713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Especially when Shuhei Yoshida says there would be no surprises, there have to be surprises. He is such a master troll! :D

Goku7811713d ago

H.A.M, that's funny, but I agree! lol

Thunderhawkxbox1713d ago

Yeah will be more indie games or more about ps vita tv lol

PixelKnot1713d ago

Making fun of the PS4 for being indie-friendly is one of the lamest excuses to mock the system.

If Xbox One's indie support drastically improves with Microsoft's newly established self publish policies, would you call it IndieBox One?

Magicite1713d ago


slimeybrainboy1713d ago

More, more and more please.

Batzi1713d ago

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain? Gran Turismo 2?

Abriael1713d ago

Haha, just woke up, it shows :D Fixed.

PositiveEmotions1713d ago

But what day sony is gonna have their conference at the tgs

Abriael1713d ago

On the 19th, and there's no livestream announced on that one. From the title it doesn't seem like an "announcement" press conference, but it's more a retrospective like the ones held by Mark Cerny.

PositiveEmotions1713d ago

Well lets hope its live because all the sony conference has been live so lets hope so.

Abriael1713d ago

Doubtful. Sony itself livestreams press conferences in which they're going to make announcements. This one doesn't seem to be the case. It's probably going to appear on Youtube afterwards though.

sinncross1713d ago

Ive been to tgs the past 2 years and what the article is detailing is not new announcements.

These stage events are announced before hand and are used to promote upcoming games. This area is usually in front of where Sony has all its booths. Its basically a time for the devs (or someone related) of a game to talk about the game while they show off new footage.

i dont recall Sony ever making a new game announcement at this stage event. Mostly because it happens during TGS when ppl are actually lining up all over the place to play games. Its far too noisy and crowded to effectively announce a new game.
If something new does come, it comes from the conference on the 19th which currently has no live stream info.

bligmerk1713d ago

All 3 events are going to have live stream but they are going to be on Nico Nico (Japanese). Apparently, some people think they will be picked up by and streams will be on different places but possibly all in Japanese. Kotaku and Eurogamer usually have a live blog of the keynote since they have somebody on staff that can translate.

"All the stage events at the Sony booth held on three different days will be livestreamed on Nico Nico. Here’s the schedule and relevant links:
September the 19th – Start at 10 AM Local Time (September the 18th, 9 PM EDT)
The World PlayStation 4 Creates
September the 21st - Start at 10 AM Local Time (September the 20th, 9 PM EDT)
September the 22nd - Start at 10 AM Local Time (September the 21st, 9 PM EDT)"

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Godmars2901713d ago

Thought that they weren't going to be streaming? Why they did the presentation which they did.

Abriael1713d ago

This is livestreaming of stage events, that are focused on the games themselves, not a conference.

GribbleGrunger1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Any news on a Ustream or Youtube stream?

Abriael1713d ago

@GribbleGrunger: for the moment just nico nico is listed.

GribbleGrunger1713d ago

Is there any way of watching Nico Nico without logging in?

Abriael1713d ago

AFAIK some streams require login, some don't, but I don't see why you wouldn't want to login. Making an account is free, and you can do it via the English page if the language is the problem.

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viveks861713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

The one we heard they wouldn't be streaming is the press conference on the 18th. They have a keynote on 19th as well. No idea if that's being streamed or if it's only the game focused stage events. Looks like I'm going to stay awake through 3 nights at least! Curse you Sony, for your endless string of events! :D

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