Square Enix's TGS Booth Map Revealed: Much A-booth About Nothing

Square Enix has released a map of its TGS booth. There's not a whole lot to it, but perhaps some sweet stuff will be shown at the Sony and Microsoft booths. And at the very least, it's a step up from last year.

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Agent Smith1715d ago

Hopefully it looks better than last years.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1715d ago

Final Fantasy XV will be shown this year so that's all I need to hear from them.

fsfsxii1715d ago

Announce FFX/X-2 release dates and i'll be happy.

-Gespenst-1715d ago

Eh, I'm pretty sure XV and KHIII will make another appearance regardless of what this map shows. Maybe on the event stage or the Mega Theater? If not then maybe the Sony conference.

knifefight1715d ago

As pointed out below the maps, they're listed on the official TGS directory, just not on Square's site or this map.
This means either...
-The Mega Theater or Event Stage (video only ;_;)
-Sony/MS area as a video ;_;
-Sony/MS playable :D

Really hoping it's finally playable. Hoping.