Take A Tour Of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s Four Continents

Siliconera "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will feature four main continents, each with their own unique themes designed by their respective team of developers. Square Enix uploaded a series of videos that show us exactly how different these cities are from each other."

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wishingW3L1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

man this game sure is pretty and it makes me mad that we went through an entire generation without a proper FF game utilizing this engine... Just a bunch of mediocre but pretty games. But anyway, now that Wada is out I hope Toriyama does not touch this franchise again. ;(

BTW, I liked Yusnaan continent the most.

KYU21301683d ago

definitely has my interest. I can see that my ps3 days are gonna be filled with lots of fun as the sun sets on this generation. Gonna have to find a way to manage my ps3-ps4 game times