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So, the PS4 is more powerful – what does it mean?

onPause writes:

Recently Edge Online published a story about the PlayStation 4 being 50 % more powerful than the Xbox One, due to memory speeds and ALU capabilities. Well, first of all I would be cautious to believe these allegations since all of their sources are “Anonymous” which is a pretty large grain of salt to me.

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Same news different site
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Community1472d ago
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Batzi1472d ago

It means it is more powerful..

ErcsYou1472d ago

It means we have something to argue about on N4G.. Yaaaaaaaa! :) Mines better that yours. No its not, yes it is, no its not, yes it is, etc, etc, etc.

GameNameFame1472d ago

As multiplat devs get hang bit more, games look even better and better. Gap will widen as time goes.

Exclusive looks and will always look far better.

And it means some people will desperately try to come up with more secret sauce argument

mewhy321472d ago

Why do xbone fans have such a hard time with this. The ps4 is more powerful. That doest mean that they shouldnt get a bone. If u have to get a bone then get one. But justmface the fact that the bone is the lowest common denominator.

zeal0us1472d ago

Well when this gets approved I expect to see the xbox fans and ps fans sending jabs back and forward, as always.

P0werVR1472d ago

It's going to be very funny in how things turn out as the years go by.

If anything, I HATE BEING WRONG! And in most cases I'm right.

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My_Outer_Heaven1472d ago

It means better looking games on PS4 and better looking ports to PC.

noctis_lumia1471d ago

i hope its true...knwing stupid microsoft they will do anything to prevent games be better looking on sony console....

NextGen24Gamer1472d ago

"The article by Edge over these past days has blown up massively, and guess what, this is the sole purpose of THIS ARTICLE. They've got what they wanted, generated a metric ton of ad revenue and page hits. That article was wrong for many reasons:

•How can drivers in console still be un-finished and the hardware not final when they've gone into mass production?
•DirectX has been on the platform since the start, it's not buggy or "poor" it just works due to shared codebase. They also released their mono driver during E3 which is the specially optimised version of DirectX for the platform. So saying they have been late with drivers is flat out wrong.
•They mention "without optimisation". To me, that means someone is working these numbers out without a real kit, and is literally speculating for EDGE for their page views in this upcoming next-gen war. There is more offloaded inside the X1 to special CPU's than there is in the PS4 also.
•6 more CU's mean the whole console is 50% faster does it? Its a very well known fact that extra CU's dramatically decrease the efficiency of multi-threading tasks and the shader cores them selves. Its not a linear performance gain, it depends on many factors. I'm not saying the PS4 GPU hasn't got more CU's which it has. What about if I say the PS4 GPU is going to have a lot more to work on outside of games compared to the X1. This includes video encoding, video decoding and even like Mark Cerny said, a lot of the audio tasks will be offloaded to the GPU due to the fact that the GPU is a parralel processing unit which isn't effected by GDDR latency in the same way as the CPU is. Those extra CU's are starting to become less and less without the custom architecture to back them up. Oh and the developers have a lot more leg work managing the threading and task handling of the GPU.
•Memory reads are 50% faster? From what? I can tell you as a fact that if its the CPU doing the memory read, it would be a heck lot slower. Even if its the GPU doing the read, it the developer doesn't implement the switching of tasks while waiting for GDDR return, then it'll still be slower. It depends how deep the OpenGL wrapper goes.
By any means, I'm not saying the PS4 doesn't have more of a GPU, because it does. The thing is though, it needs that GPU when you've got a CPU crippled by GDDR latency. Audio processing (not be confused by the audio encoder in the PS4) will have to be off-loaded to the GPU, a lot of the physics will be handled by the GPU. Those extra CU's start decreasing and decreasing and when you've got a CPU which you have to think a lot about because they've put GDDR in there, then you're starting to see what Albert Penello is saying."

robleroy1472d ago

It is not unusual for companies to release hardware with not finished or unstable drivers.
even HP has done it with not so cheap enterprise units.

So why wont regular companies do it for the consumer market?

But if EDGE released this report, this would be very bad for MS.

Because EDGE is very well know to be pro MS and anti SONY.
just look trough their game reviews and you get the picture.

But if EDGE states the difference is 50% , than it probably means the difference is far much more than 50%.

But just wait for the exclusive games to come out.

BTW you are stating to many wrong consumptions..
CPU is doing the reads... yes.but its the memory speed/bandwith that is the bottleneck. This means:

If your memory says: hey u can push 3 bottles per second through me, it will not care if your CPU can push 300000 bottles per second, it will still be limited by 3 per sec. But the XBone will be driving 3 different kernels (OS) so MS could use some extra CPU. The GPU was upgraded concerning speed because the game RYSE had some problems. The CPU upgrade ...I hope MS knows what it is doing...but it does not feel like a wise adjustment..But then again MS is used to releasing faulty who cares if it will initialize a second RROD situation.

even if the xbox-one would up the CPU by 10000 times ,it would still be limited by DDR3 bandwidth.Also the GPU would not care much.

concerning latency ....please do stop...
You sound like a MS fanboy

DoesUs1472d ago

HAHAHA! Good one .... You are clueless, as is the person who gave you that wall of text....

See you in November.

BallsEye1471d ago


No no...see you by the end of this month. You will eat your words.

GamerXD1471d ago

You know nothing dude, You're not even a dev. So quit defending your Xbone.

Ps4Console1471d ago

Agree they took the whole story out of context it came from Edge mag but didn't say the Ps4 was more powerful & it said there about the same but on here they well you know yourself what there like .

JohnnyBadfinger1471d ago

Obviously he ain't a dev, either are you or any other ps4 purchaser for that matter. Yet some how you retards have the authority and the expertise to pass judgment on technical specs... Call him a fanboy as much as you want but it just makes you hypocritical.

Don't go calling me a fanboy either purely since I haven't preordered either console. I have no plans to preorder either as far as I'm concerned this is the most pathetic step in console graphics yet. Forza 5 looks no different too Forza4, killzone looks like halo4, infamous looks like prototype.
And ryse looks like dynasty warriors.

Seriously going by these launch titles alone I have no faith in next gen. Ps4 50% more powerful than x1?.... No. Ps4 50% less obviously more powerful fits better.
Wasn't the ps3 also 50% more powerful than the 360?... Interesting how that panned out ey?

Ill stick with my 360 and gta5 for the next 6 months than we will see if there is any graphical difference or not. Cause let's face it no game so far "next Gen" comes close to gta5 or the last of us

noctis_lumia1471d ago

buddy ps4 is more powerful end of story

see didnt need to write a wall of text to give facts.

GamerXD1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )


I'm not going to call you a fanboy, but, What's wrong about next-gen? It's PS4's/XBO's 1st gen games, Devs can't max the power of the consoles yet. And now you're complaining that KZSF looks like Halo 4? Forza 5 looks like Forza 4? inFamous looks like Prototype? Ryse looks like Dynasty warriors? If you think so, You're a blind gamer, KZSF is running gorgeously @ 1080p30fps. Compared to Halo 4, Plasticity is obvious, Forza 5 is hell better than Forza 4, Check it for yourself. Does prototype have destructible environments? Nope, and at lower resolution (in consoles). Dynasty warriors looks freaking lame. Ryse looks beautiful.

and quit bragging about PS3 had 50% more power, but X360 games looked better. X360's architecture is easy to develop for, PS3's cell isn't. This next-gen, we have x86 architecture, both consoles, Now PS4 is faster/stronger than XBO, and easier to code for. PS4 multiplatform games will look better. You'll see 10-25% difference after 2 yrs. Just wait for it.

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NextGen24Gamer1472d ago

GPU's love GDDR because they don't work on clock cycles. They process their tasks parallel and without interruption, like a "stream". Hence their name. If the CPU is calling the RAM, it has to wait for that RAM to return with its result. It can't change what its doing, or carry on with something else, it literally has to sit and wait. The CPU could miss several clock cycles (depending on the clock speed) until GDDR returns. That's why DDR is prefered as a general computing memory.

GPU's on the other hand, can jump ship and work on something else when they wait for GDDR to return, they don't have clock cycles and simply keep ticking. Hence why they're prefered for maths calculations and not intermittent calls or changing things about. Although, when the GPU is managing its tasks this is primarily down to the software handling which in this case will be OpenGL. How baked and fully implemented this iteration of OpenGL is in the PS4, I don't know but if its not in there, it'll be left to the developers and things can get messy. Its essentially what sony meant by "coding to the metal".

DoesUs1472d ago

Quick, to the defence mobile!

The rude awakening you are about to witness in November onwards will be quite a shock to you! You are a disaster of spin, just like the MS execs.

See you in November.

edgeofsins1471d ago

Developers and tech companies had been saying GPU's are far more powerful for years. For a console that can be optimized for and designed around itself they can clearly push more if they have a stronger GPU. Not to mention the 3 OS burden of XBox One.

When Mark Cerny says that PS4 is easy to learn and difficult to master it is because of its unique architecture they have to learn yet easy tools and raw power that can get great results in little time. Microsoft themselves said parallel processing is the future of computing. That inadvertently says that the PS4 is the future. It is completely designed around parallel processing, because that makes it much stronger, ESPECIALLY for gaming.

BallsEye1471d ago


The rude awakening you will witness this month. BTW, happy with downgraded ps4 graphics in Watch Dogs presented at PAX? Cheers

PFFT1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

We will see. So far i am way more impressed with the XBO.

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2cents1472d ago

As Batzi said, it means it's more powerful.

The proof will be in the games, not the specs though. Couldn't care less about the numbers, I just want the games on both sides.

Agent11472d ago

Your forgetting the name of this site. "Gaming News, & RUMORS".

Ps4Console1471d ago

It came from Edge but didn't say that the ps4 was better they said they will be about the same in performance it was taken out of context completely .

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THC CELL1472d ago

Yawn. Back to more gta v call me when some other subject comes up. We no the ps4 is a beast but seriously stop asking the same crap over and over. You will be some of games ever done dusted ps5. These articles are getting boring now and you are just fueling Xbox fire.

WilliamH1472d ago

It means in your tiny minds that more polygons mean better games.

Regis1472d ago

Could say the same with PS4 games as well most of the arguements on this site is about graphics. Which game is better? None unless you played it.

come_bom1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Only a ignorant would say more polygons mean better games.

I have a feeling that Microsoft was nowhere near ready for next gen. Sony caught Microsoft completely off guard with the PS4.

EverydayGuy1472d ago

MS should do what Sony did with the PS3 and that is wait. Hopefully the rumors were wrong about MS rushing the Xbox, because it is kind of stupid to OC a rush console.

TheGreatGamer1472d ago

I just hope multi-plat games aren't dumbed down on ps4 to fit with xbone

My_Outer_Heaven1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Yeah that's a huge problem... Sony should push for the best possible graphical fidelity in games no matter what.

deadfrag1472d ago

I think the PS5 is more powerfull.

My_Outer_Heaven1472d ago

I agree the PS5 is more powerful when it comes to existence in about 8-10 years.