PlanetSide 2 devs working to speed up play

Sony Online Entertainment is launching "Operation: Make Faster Game" in order to increase PlanetSide 2's framerate and more, technical director Ryan Elam announced via the game's forums.

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ATi_Elite1554d ago

Basically they are Optimizing the game to run on the PS4 and porting this over to the PC.

which is a GOOD THING cause the PS2 code needed cleaning up. PS2 uses way too many CPU resources and it doesn't look as good as BF3 which runs smooth!

go into a heavy battle in PS2 and the CPU gets SLAMMED by stuff the GPU could be doing or just Hoggish code.

will be happy for the Speed Up as gamers have been complaining about this since THE ALPHA!!!

MasterCornholio1554d ago

AMD CPUs will benefit heavily from this.

CandyFace1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

PS2 has way more particles, effects and overall visuals than BF3. They're both great looking and yes PS2 is very cpu demanding but it's also much better looking effect wise. All the physX explosions, flowing particles is amazing and demanding. You also have A LOT more people running around in PS2, a giant map which means more calculation for the cpu and gpu. it's more demanding than bf3 and truth told there's nothing you can do about it.

time will tell if this will improve anything or just clean up the code.

NarooN1554d ago

A PS2 dev already said a few months ago that the reason the CPU performance is the way it is, is because the game isn't really multi-threaded well enough. The game mainly runs on one dominant thread and only lightly uses another thread.

This is less of a problem with Intel CPU's because of the stronger single-threaded performance, but people with AMD CPU's get the shorter end of the stick.

Since they had to re-do a lot of the code to optimize it for PS4, those optimizations will be brought over to the PC version as well, providing a speed-up to everyone with multi-core processors. It's a win-win for everyone, really.

HammadTheBeast1554d ago

The coding is incredibly sloppy, it cuts off a massive player base who can't run it even low settings on mid-end computers.

AbortMission1554d ago

I honestly find it awesome that the PS4 is making the PC version of PS2 better, Lol. It's suppose to be the other way around technically.

Personally, I stopped playing the game since it follows too much of a Pay2Win model. Playing on your own or with other strangers is boring and tedious and since none of my friends play PS2, I just left it.

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thehitman1554d ago

I was actually kinda suprised just DLed this on my comp yesterday.. under max settings highest fps i reached was 45 but under max load it bottomed out at 29-30 fps. I expected at least a 40-45 bottom out and 60fps max. Wasnt entirely impressed by the stuff going on so not sure whether its extremely poor optimization or it just really needs that much power. I can play games like SC2 on ultra settings at much better frame rates than PS2 and I think SC2 requires much more than PS2.

MotoDot1554d ago

Can't wait to play it.It's free too!

SIRHC131554d ago

This game has needed this, it'll feel good to return to the game with this patch active and a whole new continent to explore.