Valve Reveals Final Team Fortress 2 Medic Weapons

Shacknews writes: "Developer Valve released the final details on its upcoming Team Fortress 2 content update during a party tonight in downtown San Francisco.

In addition to the known crit-increasing gun "The Critzcrieg," the remaining two unlockable medic weapons were also available for hands-on time. Dubbed "The Blutsaugher" and "The Ubersaw," they will serve as replacements for the medic's standard syringe and bonesaw, respectively. The weapons will be earned through a new achievement system, and equipped through a loadout menu."

The three new Medic weapons will be the Blutsaugher, a new syringe gun, the Critzcrieg, a medigun whose charge gives the recipient 100% chance of crits, and the Ubersaw, a saw that charges uber with each hit.

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