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Battlefield 4 open beta starting October 1

The open beta phase for Battlefield 4 will begin on all supported systems October 1st, EA have confirmed.

You’ll be able to play conquest mode on one map, Siege of Shanghai, up until the launch date of November 1st, the same release date as GTA V but not GTA V Online, which is releasing much later. (Battlefield 4, PC)

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inf3cted1  +   401d ago
You’ll be able to play conquest mode on one map, Siege of Shanghai, up until the launch date of November 1st, the same release date as GTA V but not GTA V Online, which is releasing much later.

I dont understand this line

Are you saying GTA V releases on November 1st?
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Elwenil  +   400d ago
Yeah, that is a bit messed up. GTA V releases this Tuesday, Sept. 17th and GTA Online releases Oct. 1st, the same day the BF4 Open Beta does.
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Spinal  +   400d ago
How dare they open the beta same day as GTA online??? Oh well guess i won't be playing the beta cause GTA online will consume me for a long timmmmeee.
awi5951  +   399d ago
Premium members have a invite in their origin game list already.
Gamesgbkiller  +   400d ago
Either he's drunk or he's really drunk.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   400d ago
Online portion opens of GTA opens 2 weeks from tue. author has no Idea what he is talking about there.
Lior  +   400d ago
i believe people with premium or who got the medal of honor warfighter deluxe will get the beta around 2 days before the open beta.
Beastforlifenoob  +   400d ago
I Cannot wait for this beast of a beta!!!
game_infected  +   400d ago
Gta v lanuch on nov 1!! I finished 18% of it !And honestly it take open world games to new level.
KwietStorm  +   400d ago
Are you drunk too?
ssj27  +   400d ago
Let me help!
He meant, gtav online opens on oct 1

Then he said that he is already playing the game gtav and that he is by 18% of finishing it and he does feel that it take open world genre to a whole new level!

I will wait for a ps4 version of it or wait for the game to hit $20 sale price to buy it.

And I will wait for battlefield 5 and skip 4.
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Gamesgbkiller  +   400d ago
Full month beta.

WOW.. I hope its not as buggy as BF3 beta.

Can't wait.
Detoxx  +   400d ago
Don't think it's going to be that buggy, even pre-alpha BF4 looked and played better then BF3 beta
sAVAge_bEaST  +   400d ago
I am ready to test,. and then Beast the Ps4 nov15th
HaMM4R  +   400d ago
Damn. Why does it have to come out the same day as GTA Online ! WHY!!!!???????!!!!!!
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Swiggins  +   400d ago
I know right?!


My wallet can't take it anymore! D=
Plagasx  +   400d ago
Well, look at it this way. GTA Online will be forever. The beta is only a few weeks.
lildudexst  +   400d ago
beta mean it going have bug in it that whole point of a beta
KwietStorm  +   400d ago
Yea hole point of beta have bug many bug
Detoxx  +   400d ago
Bring it!!
Duddy101  +   400d ago
Not sure if this is a stupid question but is the beta on xbox same day or is it just PC?
HaMM4R  +   400d ago
It will be for all platforms.
Duddy101  +   400d ago
Thanks brah
thejigisup  +   400d ago
I love the battlefield betas. So many glitches, some of them are down right funny if you remember BF3 Beta.
TotalSynthesisX  +   400d ago
I try not to... *shivers*
titletownrelo  +   400d ago
Yeah I remember the beta! Also remember there being no Blue tint and seeing an LAV on Op metro.
angelsx  +   400d ago
When will see real ps4 gameplay???

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