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You would be forgiven if you thought that Killzone Mercenary was a PlayStation 3 game, it looks that good. Revealed at Gamescom 2012, Killzone: Mercenary blew the audience away with its console like graphics and multiplayer action that had never been seen on a handheld device since. Fast forward a year, and Guerrilla Cambridge have created the perfect console experience on a the PS Vita. Players looking for the best first person shooter on the go need look no further.

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TheTrollSlayer1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I still can't believe this game is on a handheld! How did they get the graphics so good?I agree with the reviewer on the campaign length though, it was way too short. The multiplayer is hella addictive though!!!!

3-4-51801d ago

It's been getting really good reviews. Vita needed this type of game to really show off the dual analogs.

puntthor1801d ago

ill wait for shadow fall

RankFTW1801d ago

You do that while the rest of us enjoy this.

Mikey322301801d ago

that doesnt really make sense. They are two different games really for 2 different purposes technically.
you might just as well say you'll wait for Knack, or Infamous Second son, or titanfall or any other console game.

Ju1801d ago

If you like the KZ universe and the story, this game actually explains a couple of things I didn't see in the other games. It closes some gaps left between 1 & 2 (and after). I was quite surprised. Nobody touched on this. But I guess reviewers don't bother even looking into previous games.

RankFTW1801d ago

Just accidentally spent 3 hours playing Warzone when I should be in bed >.<

r211801d ago

Warzone is probably my favorite mode. So good!

PoSTedUP1801d ago

least favorite, but still really good lol. i like killing people in warfare n trying to place in the top three, plus more enemies to shoot! add mee psnid streetveteran1

sdozzo1801d ago

Good review from PlayStation. C'mon

dcj05241800d ago

Not even owned by playstation or SOny dumbo