Tomb Raider developers searching for multiplayer designer to work from the “ground up”

Tomb Raider developers searching for multiplayer designer to work from the “ground up”

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-Foxtrot1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago ) on the single player you fools, the online in Tomb Raider was pointless. It was bad and the majority of people stopped playing it after a week. To me it was like Bioshock 2's situation...nobody gives a crap about it.

I mean they should focus on the single player and this time actually try to make it feel like a Tomb Raider game instead of trying to be like Uncharted so much.

I would like them to bring in better voice actors though, Lara's voice actor for being the main character was so bad. It was alright in normal speaking conversation but with all the yelling/screaming she does it was annoying.

I mean I'm guessing and I said I'm GUESSING that because Square Enix is considering Tomb Raider sales a disappointment despite selling quite well they won't get much of a budget this time. So why on earth would you waste it on building a multiplayer mode from the ground up which hardly nobody will give a crap about

-Mika-1680d ago

So much ignorance. I read comments like this when uncharted 2 and mass effect 3 multiplayer was announced. They were proven wrong. Im pretty sure if they don't include MP. You're going to have a bunch of people waiting for a price drop just because they don't think it worth $60.

Kayant1679d ago

^ Single player games have being that price forever and Multiplayer only games like Titan Fall will probably be that price as well. Nothing has changed people will buy it if they think the content and experience are worth it.

zeal0us1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Cystal Dynamics needs to either focus on the SP while letting some third party studio handle MP or just leave MP alone.

All I know is if they give the SP mode the cold shoulder while only catering to the MP mode then I'll just wait till the game drops to $20-$30

kneon1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Well Foxtrot was right about one thing, the multi-player was bad, possibly the worst I've ever encountered.

But to me it seems getting someone new to come in and redesign it from the ground up can only be an improvement, I can't imagine someone doing worse.

-Foxtrot1679d ago

So much ignorance....and this is coming from you, wow just wow.

Uncharted 2s was good...Uncharted 3 took it too far and it wasn't that good. It was ruined in a way, still playable but not as fun

Mass Effect 3s was crap, it was un needed and it took resources away from other things like making a better ending or finishing the Omega cut mission which was sold as DLC.

Why am I even arguing to you, your one of these people who go against the majority of people despite what situation is.

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Hitman07691679d ago

Lol you're talking about how bad the MP was but it says here "from the ground up" meaning they are trying to completely redo it. Nobody was complaining about the Single Player so why fix that if it aint broke?

-MD-1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Plenty of stuff in the single player could have used some fixing.

His point is the MP in the first one was throwaway and nobody bought it for the MP in the first place so why put even more emphasis on it for the sequel? People bought Tomb Raider for the campaign so pour your efforts into that instead. Maybe try not to give us unlimited ammunition in a game where we're trying to survive? Possibly create a memorable character other than Lara for once.

-Foxtrot1679d ago

If they say from the ground up then it means more resources are going to be wasted on it.

Your acting like the single player was really wasn't.

I mean a game about surviving and you have regenerating health, a ton of weapons/ammo, tombs which are OPTIONAL in a Tomb Raider game, terrible voice acting and as -MD- says above everyone else apart from Lara was boring and not memorable

-MD-1679d ago

The single player in the reboot wasn't anything above average for me so them focusing more on multi for the sequel pretty much kills what little interest I might have for a follow up.

N81679d ago

Funny thing about that is I bought the game for single player. After they announced no SP dlc I traded it in.... Keep working on that multiplayer


Survival of the fittest multiplayer mode an entire open world island were you scavenge for food and supplies, customized characters and be able to build not only gear but your camp. You can team up and/or kill other players on the map. The goal is to level your character some goals can be things like building a raft or kill all the other players.

So there you have it, no need for a game designer to tell you how to make awesome multiplayer.

CrossingEden1679d ago

Hmm. From the ground up? I smell a new engine. :D

cyril sneer1678d ago

Hey i know how about concentrating on sp and give us some huge tombs to raid in an open world this time not those 2 min caves you gave us.