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PS Vita takes on the living room

Sony have pledged to continue to add updates, which will “continuously evolve” its system. What worries us is the fact that the best Sony Vita games use features like touch screen and motion sensing, such as Gravity Rush and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. So if the Vita TV doesn’t have either of these functions, then one has to wonder, what games will actually be available to purchase?

One of the main selling points of the Vita was the way you could use both front and rear touch functions in games. It makes the system exceptionally unique and changes the way you think and play. But by introducing this new product, it could be possible that newer Vita games will dumb down on these features so both consoles can play new releases. This would be a complete step backwards. (PlayStation, PS Vita, PS3)

twdll  +   657d ago
I am buying if for the sole reason of being able to play the PS4 on any TV I own, while the PS4 is in my living room. As for playing any Vita games on my TV, that just aint happening.
jujubee88  +   657d ago
Why? I'm looking at Killzone Mercenary gameplay footage on my big screen TV right now and it looks really good.


Not current level PS3 games mind you but it looks damn decent and I don't have a problem playing that type of graphical fidelity game while relaxing infront of my TV.
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twdll  +   656d ago
Well I dunno, really time is a factor. I only have a limited amount of time to play games, so I'm looking at just the PS4 games. I may play a Vita game on my TV, well see. I see the Vita TV as an extension device for the PS4 with some extras that can be used if you want too.
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Ju  +   656d ago
Vita TV will be great. Especially with PS+. Share saves between Vita and Vita TV. Play the game on one and continue on the other. Vita TV is quite an extension to the Vita. I like that. Not only for remote play.

And...re...Merc. This is an awesome game. I played that level completely differently. I think this is such an awesome game. Not even full console games offer you multiple ways to play a level or offer multiple pathways. This game does.
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jujubee88  +   656d ago

The exclusives on VITA I think will set it apart. There's already tonnes of indie stuff only on PS3 and VITA and games like Soul Sacrifice and Japanese games that aren't announced or being made for PS4.

The VITA is actually the most nimlbe of Sony's hardware in terms of getting some crazy variety of software and lots of it too. Something tells me you will like it if/when you decide to get one. ;)
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Lord_Frieza  +   656d ago
I'm buying this to take on vacation
I took an X360 with me last time it got RROD after day 1
Funantic1  +   656d ago
I read the PS Vita doesn't support all Vita games. That's disappointing. I thought about getting one but realized the further away the Vita is away from the PS4 the more controller latency there'll be. I'll have to pass this time. But it looks like a good product for certain people.
Funantic1  +   656d ago
*PS Vita TV doesn't support all Vita games
ricochetmg  +   656d ago
Because of touch controls.
jujubee88  +   656d ago
What matters is cognitive human response time (in relation to latency). Aka "Lag". Last time I checked, remote-play on a hacked PS3 to a portable VITA all played quite lag-less.

Now, imagine a PS4 to VITA TV where:

+the wireless communicator in PS4 is improves greatly (via wifi b/g/n.)

Imagine if....

+there is also direct network link between VITA TV and PS4 (via ethernet). Meaning no latency related to wireless communication.

Now imagine if.....

+the PS4 had dedicated hardware video encryption/decreption chips so that not only all PS4 games can be remote-played, but the streaming is done fast, better, more efficiently than ever before.

^That's what remote-playing on next gen is all about.

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