Nintendo eShop: A work in progress

Destructoid - As we creep towards the one-year anniversary of Wii U's launch, players are readying themselves for the second-generation lineup of games that will hopefully make up for the rather dull spring and summer months. But with upcoming eShop titles like Shovel Knight and Armikrog turning more than a few heads, it may be Wii U's digital software that draws the most attention.

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LOL_WUT1681d ago

What's up with the demo section? There's currently like 5 demos on it they also need to start rolling out more apps I can think of some good iOS applications that would make a perfect fit. Come on Nintendo get it together. ;)

AbortMission1680d ago

Lol, you would get disagrees from drones who can't handle logical criticism.

ChickeyCantor1680d ago

It's LOL_WUT, no one likes a hypocrite. And that pretentious signature of his ";)". I wonder if he does that in real life, he must wear a fedora too.

I also love how nintendo fans are called "Drones" now. If I remember correctly that was used to denigrate xbox 360 fans.

Trying to start a new trend?

SpiralTear1680d ago

And you get disagrees because you clearly don't know what's going on in the comment you replied to.

That's not logical criticism. He's saying that the eShop is for iOS-level content, aka it's bad. It's a condemnation, not a criticism.

Yep1680d ago

^^^^ Misery loves company.

wls10121680d ago

give us a trophy system, or become the new sega.................SEGA

Realplaya1680d ago

Why not just go buy one that says I am great and sit it on your shelf?

wls10121679d ago

l had a buddy, growing up he allways lied about what games he beat..the trophy system weeds out the bullshit. and its a great records keeper.

TheVideoGamHer1680d ago

I remember when the 3DS eShop was abysmal. Now it's exploding with content. I hope the Wii U gets there, but Nintendo needs to give actual account systems to owners and figure out their memory issue before I buy any retail games on that thing.