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Submitted by Handheld_Heroes 805d ago | review

Review: Volgarr the Viking [Press2Reset]

Andy Breeding writes, "The bygone era of the incredibly difficult platformers, with their inexact control schemes and off-screen spawning, seems to be making a comeback. With lessons learned from past mistakes, games like Spelunky and Super Meat Boy are making it a joy to die over and over again. Adult Swim Games tries to add to the growing collection of difficult, yet fun, platformers with Volgarr the Viking. Regrettably, someone forgot about the past." (PC, Volgarr the Viking) 4/10

RedSoakedSponge  +   805d ago
4/10?! seriously?! this game is a great throwback to brutally difficult retro side scrollers and 4/10 is not a review to go by.

at the very least it should be given an 8/10 due to its dedication to bringing back what has been lost in modern games.
dtox508  +   804d ago
this game is more violent than an relationship with Chris Brown and twice as hard. check out my review i think i have another perspective on Volgarr.

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