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The Score: How Much of an Impact Will the Wii U Price Cut Make on Wii U Sales?

With the Wii U price drop taking effect this week, Nintendo Enthusiast asks the question of whether it'll help the ailing platform. (Nintendo, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   803d ago
Probably a modest one. Combining it with some notable game releases will help even more though.
strifeblade  +   803d ago
I really love nintendo and want them to succeed but the 299.99 price with windwaker game bundle is doing nothing for nobody. They use to have the 4gb system at 299.99 at release.

My opinion Nintendo needs to cut the hardcore market (although many would argue they may already have). They need to go back and sell 4gb system and cut that price to 269.99 and throw in the windwaker bundle to see a real boost in sales. The casual consumer wont care about 4gb vs 32gb, and the hardcore players like me who play nintendo on the side would appreciate because 4gb and a 30$-50$ price cut more. 4gb is more than enough for save files.

If these price cuts come too late, the wii u novelty will wear off and the wii u will be destined to sell no more than 30 million if they are lucky. It will hurt them in the long run. Finally the Wii U name is hurting it, casuals are not buying it. When nintendo release the next system they should ditch the name heck wii 2 would have been much clearer to the consumer.

Personally the windwaker bundle does not cut it, its a game most hardcore nintendo fans have already played and its digital download on top of that so there is no resale value. I myself bought the windwaker gamecube bundle back in the day lol.
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ChickeyCantor  +   803d ago
"4gb is more than enough for save files. "

Then hardcore gamers will complain about no hard drive ( thats what they are doing already ).
strifeblade  +   803d ago
Well if the wii u is your primary system, then you want a hard drive, but the fact is hardcore gamers would not make the wii u their primary system. There just is not enough hardcore titles compared to the competition and on top of that wii u will be missing key 3rd party games that are on the competition. Howevever i believe hardcore gamers would love to play nintendo as a seconday system and play the exclusives, and nothing more than that. Thats why 4gb is enough for save files and a lower price point is more important.
AWBrawler  +   802d ago
@strifeblade yo! hardcore gamer here. primary on wii u playing Monster Hunter, Warriors Orochi, Pikmin, Trine, Darksiders, and more
strifeblade  +   802d ago

lol thats cool man enjoy the system and i wish nintendo the best success. I peronally want pikmin 3 and bayonetta 2.
meganick  +   802d ago
Just to clarify, the basic Wii U has 8 gigs, not 4.
EsotericAnomaly  +   803d ago
As a Wii U owner I feel Nintendo is in a constant shaky position. Cutting costs at this junction I'd imagine will cause a positive impact especially with the upcoming releases.

Better than waiting till the competition releases their systems to cut the prices. Sell the hardware and focus profits on the software, that would be the strategy I'd opt for if that was a possibility.
skydragoonity  +   803d ago
With the next gen systems coming out soon & especially the ps4 not being really expensive.... Not much I'm afraid.
WiiUsauce  +   803d ago
Yeah, but you can't play Smash Bros. on a PlayStation. You're also not gonna be playing Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade 2, Mario Kart 8, Zelda, Fire Emblem or Donkey Kong. Plus those games on Wii U look visually STUNNING.

You're really not getting that much better visuals on PS4. Just look at how phenomenal Xenoblade 2 and Mario Kart 8 look on Wii U.

And it's 100 dollars cheaper, it's gonna come packed in with one of the greatest Zelda games, it's getting a ton of indie support (actually getting most PS4 indie titles), you don't have to pay to play online, Miiverse is AWESOME, and the system doubles as a great entertainment piece for the living room (it's where my girlfriend and I watch all of our movies on through Amazon Instant Video, and Netflix), and I also use it to browse the internet/browse Youtube on on my big screen.

I'm actually using my Wii U right now to respond to your comment. It's an amazing console with so much potential.
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-Foxtrot  +   803d ago
". You're also not gonna be playing Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade 2, Mario Kart 8, Zelda, Fire Emblem or Donkey Kong. Plus those games on Wii U look visually STUNNING "

and where are those games......OH thats right they aren't out yet because Nintendo despite a year headstart didn't plan any system selling games for after launch.

Oh and yeah the games will look nice but it's basicaly what we should of saw from a Nintendo console this gen.

"And it's 100 dollars cheaper"

Being cheaper means nothing, this gen has taught us that

" it's gonna come packed in with one of the greatest Zelda games "

Most people have already played Wind Waker, why would people rush out to buy a Wii U for a game they've already played.

"it's getting a ton of indie support (actually getting most PS4 indie titles)"

Shame we arn't seeing much progress then, I don't think theres been much they've shown off which looks mind blowing.

"you don't have to pay to play online"

I'm glad we don't since the online on a Nintendo console in general is pretty much non existent. I'd rather pay for a good online with great support then a free one with nothing much going on

"Miiverse is AWESOME"

Not really something you would buy a Wii U for though is it. Someone wouldn't buy a PS3 thinking "Oh HOME is AWESOME"

"and the system doubles as a great entertainment piece for the living room"

Something we've been able to do on the PS3/Xbox 360 for years.

Your really grasping at straws mate. No wonder Nintendo don't pull their finger out, you guys give them a reason not to
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_FantasmA_  +   803d ago
You assume I actually want to play those games you just mentioned, I don't :). I loved Super Nintendo as a kid. But I grew up and Nintendo failed to grow up with me. If they had a nice selection of FPS/TPS, action, arcade racing, and horror games, I might come back. But they also need to keep their graphics competitive. I don't understand how they waited until 2012 to finally introduce an HD console. I had HD back in 2002!
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LOL_WUT  +   803d ago
"You're really not getting that much better visuals on PS4. Just look at how phenomenal Xenoblade 2 and Mario Kart 8 look on Wii U. " LOL

Deep Down, Killzone SF, Drive Club and he'll i'll throw in some X1 exclusives Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising will all look better than the titles you mentioned.

But as usual you'll just probably bring out the PC card or say how you don't care about any of those titles. ;)
AbortMission  +   803d ago
"You're really not getting that much better visuals on PS4. Just look at how phenomenal Xenoblade 2 and Mario Kart 8 look on Wii U. "

Lmfao. I'm done. These drones get even more pathetic and delusional with every article I read Lol
herbs  +   803d ago
Oh my god these same arguments over and over again you nerds have just lol. If your a graphics whore get a PC if you like Nintendo games get a Wii U if your a Sony fanboy buy a PS4. These graphics arguments are completely pointless all the exclusive games look great for all three next gen consoles, I have played the majority of the launch games and upcoming games for all three consoles, again they all look great. Get over yourselves and your pathetic brand loyalties there is more to life than this.
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strifeblade  +   803d ago
I have to agree with foxtrot, although its good the wii u has entered the hd era, the difference between ps4 and x1 compared to wii u are still large but definitely not as horrible as when you compare the wii to 360/ps3 since wii was a non hd system and 360/ps3 were.
LordDhampire  +   803d ago
Ill be playing all those games on the 3ds, except smash bros that is.....Only game that is awesome well that and zelda but I don't think they have announced a new one other than windwaker remake

nintendo needs to just do software and put them on ps4 and xbox one....and stop selling these garbage consoles
ChickeyCantor  +   803d ago
"and where are those games......OH thats right they aren't out yet because Nintendo despite a year headstart didn't plan any system selling games for after launch. "

I'm sorry...I didn't know PS4 was going too have the 2016 exclusives at launch...

falcon97  +   803d ago
I agree WiiU has the fastest browser in my house yes faster than my pc which is windows 7,i use my wiiu for everything gaming and multimedia,i love that Street U app as well i used it to see where i was going on holiday before i went to check out where the nearest bars would be....love WiiU and the graphics are equal to ps4 going off what ive seen so far there are more wiiu games running at 1080p 60fps than ps4 so even if some games on ps4 look a tiny bit better it will only be due to running at half the resolution FACT sony always go for lower framerates and resolution to get better results,in the end WiiU's gpgpu is custom with tons of edram so graphics wise wiiu might be on top because edram makes resolution and frame rates easier to achieve,16mb of edram nets you 1080p native,and we know wiiu has at least twice that...and so far Bayonetta2 and MK8/Windwaker ect and many more are 1080p/60fps so my point about edram is already showing.
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cyguration  +   803d ago
I think the price cut will help but more as a long term effect. The Wii U is on my radar but it just needs more and better games.
Activemessiah  +   803d ago
Will definitely be getting one... just waiting on Bayonetta 2.
testsubject  +   803d ago
Hell Yes!! :) Can't Wait for it!
emu-key  +   803d ago
Well we need to understand that not everyone goes to gaming sites like this and ign. Especially the majority of parents. All they want to know is how much it's cost and what games are available to it. They don't care about how many gigs it has or what type of processor it uses. So yeah I think the Wii-u will do fine.
hollabox  +   803d ago
Probably grand parents think like that. The average gamer is now 36-37, who more than likely have kids by now. I would like to think most mid 30s gamers are pretty informed with what they are buying. At least everybody I know 30 or above know exactly what they are buying.
emu-key  +   803d ago
Interesting point you make there. I just assume that most parents have better things to worry about than the gaming industry.
hollabox  +   803d ago
I'm sure there are, at least with my family and friends I don't know any air headed parents. Grand parents it's a different story but hey you can't blame them their old.
KonsoruMasuta  +   803d ago
The average gamer is way younger than that.
hollabox  +   802d ago
@ KonsoruMasuta

You must be very young if you think the average gamer is younger than 36-37. Posted a link below, and like I said adults in their early to mid 30's have the purchasing power not teenagers. I'm 31, my woman is 27, between the two of us we bring in over $5200 a month after taxes, union fees, and medical insurance, and yes we both are informed gamers. If we want we can buy whatever system, however many games as we please.

For all those disagrees here's the link for ya!
This is not like the early 90s/late 80s when parents had no idea. All those kids that grew up in the 90's are now the parents buying hardware/software.
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LordDhampire  +   803d ago
keep telling yourself, it might help you sleep better....The wii might well like hotcakes but to the average consumer they are the same thing just ones cheaper
emu-key  +   803d ago
That misconception of people thinking the wii-u and the wii are the same is not really there, possibly a small minority. If people can tell the difference between multiple iPad releases, than no doubt they'll know this. The number one reason the wii-u is not selling is because of games, and they're coming.
buynit  +   803d ago
Thats a tough question, everyones mind is on ps4 and xbo. I think it will def. Help but i dont think by much, just too much hype for the other consoles right now.
rambi80  +   803d ago
Yeah, right now people are selecting their first next gen console and if i can save $300, i would just save another $100 and get a ps4 because for me and a lot of other people, it offers more value (blu ray, dvd,cheaper software ect.)
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buynit  +   803d ago

If nintendo is looking to increase wiiu sales by a price cut then i tjink it best for them to wait till around this time next year..

Now if nintendo cut the price to 250-200$ and nintendo starts pushing and promoting its heavy hitters, that will stir things up a lot...
LOL_WUT  +   803d ago
I know for a fact it's going to make a huge difference just a few more days to go. ;)
dkgshiz  +   803d ago
Probably very little.
TheDivine  +   803d ago
A lot. I'm not paying 350 for a WiiU and Nintendoland, a game I will never touch. Especially when I'm buying a ps4 day 1 for 400 and already have a ps2/ps3, psp, vita, 3ds, wii, and 360. There's no games I want for it anyways.

That said I will buy it for 300 with Zelda included, a digital copy of Hyrule Historia, and a limited edition gamepad. That is a great deal IMO and what it should've launched with. I said it has no games I want but it does have must play titles in the pipeline like X, SMT X Fire Emblem, Zelda, Metroid, Bayanetta 2, Wonderful 101 and others. X looks worth the price of admission alone.

The 300 dollar Zelda bundle actually looked like a deal even compared to a 400 dollar ps4. Its too good to pass up especially when its just now starting to get a lot of games rolling in. I see it helping a lot but only to people like me who always planned on getting one down the road, il just get one sooner than anticipated. They need to market Bayanetta 2, X, Wonderful 101 to make new Nin fans.
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animegamingnerd  +   803d ago
i think it will make a decent difference considering how it is now being bundle with wind waker HD and october and november are have a lot of games for Wii U
hollabox  +   803d ago
Major! Expect console sales to jump 15-25% between now and November. Now if third party sales remains flat expect more third developers to jump ship.
brewin  +   803d ago
"Now if third party sales remains flat expect more third developers to jump ship."

Havent they already?! Rightfully so. There is no money for 3rd parties to make on Wii U retail releases. It make s more sense for companies to test their titles on the e shop before commiting to retail releases.

Activision and Ubi are the only relevant 3rd parties offering support. And they make so much money that its nearly impossbible for them to lose money by throwing their support behind the Wii U. Its just proving the old adage that people buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games. If there is a lack of Nintendos famous franchises, people aint buying.

I love my Nintendo games just as much as the hardest of N fanboys, but I cant help but imagine how much better off they would be by teaming up with either MS or Sony and letting them handle the hardware stuff. Nintendo makes the best games in the industry IMHO, but they are missing out on a lot of sales potential by sticking to their archaic business practices.
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hollabox  +   802d ago
I was referring to 2 of the 3 biggest third party publishers for the Wii U. If Activision, and UBI Soft crapware sales like crap again this holiday season on the Wii U, I expect them to cancel the rest of their Wii U line up in 2014. Disney will probably be the only other major third party publisher by this time next year if ACTUBI sales continue to be average to dismal on the Wii U.
brewin  +   803d ago
I thinkl a lot of people are unneccessarily underestimaitng the selling power of Nintendo franchises. This holiday season there will be a TON of parents and grandparents who get a Wii U over the other consoles for the kids/grandkids. And if those new systems are sold out, there will be plenty of Wii Us out there.

Sure the U has a lot going against it right now, but the games that matter have not had a chance to shine. It silly to count the U out at this point and Nintendo will likely have a great holiday season. It would have been wise to have Mario Kart available this holiday, but what can you do?! Nintendo is a frustrating company sometimes, but as long as the games are quality when they release, all drama is forgotten. I dont think people will be doubting the Wii U so much next year.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   803d ago
2014 will be the year to judge the Wii u. Right now its way to soon. The ps3 took like 2 or more years to get any really significant games. I think mgs4 was the first or kz2. Either way the Wii u will be fine in the long run.
kakashi81  +   802d ago
should make it 249.99 with Windwaker or 32GB memory. But I do want Xenoblade 2 and Bayonetta 2 for it.
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TwilightBites  +   802d ago
When will people finally stop acting like the Wii U is trying to be for everybody. It is a heavenly system for the true nintendo fans, and those that might come to enjoy what nintendo offers, which is very different from sony and microsoft, Nintendo Games alone make the difference. It isnt even about creating a new Wii boom, but about creating a fanbase that enjoys the core nintendo experience.

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