The Wonderful 101 Review (Gamerhub)

Despite camera and gameplay problems, these 101 save the day. Just barely.

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gamerlive1527d ago

Nintendo is finally bringing quality games out for Wii U.

Tiqila1526d ago

I knew this game was not for me

PopRocks3591526d ago

Based on a positive score?

_QQ_1526d ago

What i don't understand at all are the camera complaints,have you never played DOTA? have you never played StarCraft?Diablo? they all have the same camera,honestly i think reviewers may have forgotten they could zoom in and out and kept the camera zoomed in because thats the only way that complaint would make sense.

As for the controls,well today we for sure find out if that complaint is legit or reviewers just can't adapt to the game.not hacking at this review as much as all of them.

N4g_null1526d ago