In Grand Theft Auto V Your Crew Members Will Gain Better Skills as You Use them for Heists

The more we approach the release date of Grand Theft Auto V, the more details keep popping up about the gameplay, even thanks to some sneaky sneaky livestreams that keep popping up around the internet as Rockstar plays whack-a-mole with them.

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nick901646d ago

As long as they're actually useful and not just there as a gimmick.. then I'm happy.

maximus19851646d ago

nice info. i guess the challenge is keeping them alive so that you dont need to hire new people

Scarface71646d ago

Or you can plan an "accident" for them so your score can be larger! :)

maximus19851646d ago

hohoho this guy, i like the way you think

-EvoAnubis-1646d ago

Wasn't this already confirmed?