Gaming Nexus: Crisis Core -- Final Fantasy VII Review - Finally a worthwhile new Final Fantasy game

Gaming Nexus writes: "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a stunning accomplishment from Square Enix. This new PSP action/adventure game is so good that you'll completely forget about the other horrible Final Fantasy VII spin-offs (including, but not limited to, Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children). This game is so good that it makes up for the lack of original PSP software from Square Enix. It's so good that ... well, it's so good that you'll have a hard time going back to God of War: Chains of Olympus. And at the end of the day isn't that the biggest compliment of them all?

Crisis Core is the long-awaited prequel to Final Fantasy VII. You play Zack, a character who made a small, but important, role in Square's seminal 1997 PlayStation role-playing game. Given Zack's brief cameo in Final Fantasy VII, it may seem a little strange to see him headlining his own game. Believe it or not, Zack is integral to Cloud's classic adventure and his story manages to flesh out an already epic story."

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Guwapo773721d ago

Although I'm not completely sold on the combat system...this has been the best storyline in an RPG since the original FF7. The best video game purchase I've made in a long long time.

Another thing that has impressed me the amount of video and voice acting that is able to fit on the UMD.

Anywho...if your loved the original FF7 this is a must. If you just love RPGs, then this is a must play/own/rent whatever. You surely won't be disappointed.

I can only hope FF13's story is even remotely close to this (with a better combat system!!).

Pathard3721d ago

This game is amazingly good. One of the best RPGs I've played in a while. This one was really worth the money.

Fighting was alright, not te best.. but I didn't mind it. The story made up for the battles. They just weren't as intense anymore. Unlike FF7, where the battles kept you on edge. Especially against bosses.
Since in Crisis Core you can beat bosses in your sleep. lol

Dark-vash3721d ago

I'm a die Hard fan of Final Fantasy VII.

Back in those days i couldnt play anything else. Crisis core is a great game that delivery a very good experience on this portable console.

I'm on my 2nd way through the game to accomplish all missions and even with 50h of gameplay and so much time leveling Zack and materias there are missions that give us an hard time.

The history is great, despite the fact that most already know how it ends, FMV cutcenes are top, at AC level, and the rendered ones are very eye candy!

Combat system, well, is not that bad, actualty, in my opinion, is far better then that system used in FF12.

For those who want a good RPG on the Sony portable system this is a must buy.


SeanScythe3721d ago

Still playing this game I just don't want it to end so I've been spacing my play time out on it. I play it on weekends at work when I have nothing to do. I pay they make a remake on the ps3 for FFVII.

mindedone3721d ago

There's two things (kinda one) I didn't like about the story. The relationship between Aerith and Zack was not developed at all. And as an addendum to my first qualm, Aerith was very underrepresented in this story. I know she is supposed to have this calm, positive maturity to her, but in this story she comes off more as an airhead. Maybe it's the voice acting, I don't know.

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