Why World War I Usually Gets the Shaft in Gaming (Until Now)

Kotaku - In the last thirty years, there have been (by my count) 59 games, mods, or betas featuring a setting from World War I, otherwise called The Great War. World War II, otherwise called the Second World War, boasts something like 257 of the same.

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ATi_Elite1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

"You think WWI gets the shaft? Then you should see how I feel!"

----The Korean War!!

admiralvic1713d ago

I always assumed WW1 got shafted because there wasn't an instant enemy like the Japanese / Nazi's in WW2 and the older guns. Like I don't think I've ever seen a game set during the American Revolution, since who wants to play a game where you use muskets as your main weapon?

tigertron1713d ago

Assasin's Creed III is set during the American Revolution.

Anyway I would like to see WW1, and I feel it is often overlooked, but like you said the older guns may be an issue.

STK0261713d ago

I would say it's because World War I's battlefields simply don't make great set pieces. Trench warfare was a waiting game, most soldiers equipped with bolt-action rifles and being constantly suppressed by machine gun fire. If you look at the maps during the conflict, few advances were made, and event then, they were small and, when compared to WWII, completely insignificant. In my opinion, a game set during WWI is possible, but it should stay away from the battlefields as much as possible and focus on other aspects, like spying for example.

AceofStaves1713d ago

I agree, and I also think an aerial combat WWI game would work.

Hicken1713d ago

Oh, man. I'd love some biplane combat. I can only imagine how different it'd be to the dogfights of WWII and later.

Somebody1713d ago

If we look carefully at some modern shooters, especially their multiplayer modes, trench warfare makes up a huge part of their structure. We call them corridors but their function is just like trenches - tight, often linear spaces/paths where armed forces are funneled into each other.

BF3's Metro map is a shining example of the trench mentality. It has tons of machine guns mowing down people at choke points, snipers, gas attacks, infantry rushes, strategic point captures and shocking artillery.

Speaking of BF, there was a BF2 mod where you can fight biplanes over a huge unfinished dam.