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GIZORAMA - Since 2006, the Killzone franchise has had a rough time taking its rightful place on a portable PlayStation device. The awkward, over-the-head third person shooter Killzone: Liberation was a weak imitation. Killzone: Mercenary has the right idea, but is still missing some of the key elements that made me fall in love with Guerilla Games’ previous entries.

Mercenary places players in the role of Aaron Danner: a bad-to-the-bone mercenary who caters only to the side that can cut him the bigger check. When Danner is faced with the largest moral dilemma of his career, he begins to wonder if the life of an innocent child is more important than his promised bundle of cash.

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PoSTedUP1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

yeah guys this game is a 6/10, mediocre graphics on a handheld, bad gameplay, story is shit, online sucks, and No One is saying its the Best killzone game ever released, dont but this buy resistance or cod bo declassified /sarcasm.

they also gave DiveKick a 3/5 , aparently its on par with that.

remanutd551529d ago

LOL dont sweat it man, its only his opinion, not that i care about game reviewers but i do somewhat listen to my psn friends and let me tell you something we all agree on one thing: Killzone Mercenary is freaking great. Epic i should say lol.

PoSTedUP1529d ago

haha i know thanks man youre right, caught up in all the n4g drama... add me maybe we can party up StreetVeteran1

Ju1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Merc is the best game on Vita. That's how bad it is. LOL. Still stunned...and despite the "short" campaign, I'm still not done with it.

This IS a full Killzone game - graphics, AI, feel and everything. Impressive.

And then...try to play anything like this on any mobile device with a battery that actually lasts more than 3 hours...this is even more impressive.

kcuthbertson1529d ago

I'm really surprised how many mediocre reviews this game is getting. I just beat the campaign like 30 minutes ago, and it's definitely an amazing game. I'm just now diving into the mp and all I can say is wow...

Guerrilla Cambridge did a fantastic job on this game and I'm quite ashamed at the reviews it's getting. Deserves much better.

arbitor3651529d ago

"Graphically, the game is sub par. Areas in the game are under polished and look as if they were created for a medium-grade iPhone title."

this guy is a total moron

Ju1529d ago

Ha ha ha...he really said that? Now I sure won't even bother reading this crap. LOL. HDR on a mobile device would like to have a word with that guy.

WeAreLegion1529d ago

By far the best graphics on any handheld device, including phones. Everyone who has seen it is blown away by how good it looks and how well it plays. One of the best FPS's in years. The campaign is original and the multi-player outshines most console titles.

This is a must-buy for anyone who either has a Vita or will be getting one.