How Sony Could Beat Microsoft At Its Own Game And Win The Living Room War

The PS4 has social apps, video streaming, and all the other bells and whistles the competition has, but first and foremost it’s a machine designed to play games. Or at least that’s the message.

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NatureOfLogic1682d ago

MS is too busy doing damage control to actually explain how Xbox One plans to take over the living room. I personally don't see Kinect being reason enough to spend $100 more on a console that places you behind a pay wall for key features and apps. MS need causals to take over the living room, and I don't see that happening with their premium price.

GarrusVakarian1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Exactly, the casual gamer is going to see the PS4 and Xbox One next to each other in the store and be more inclined to buy the PS4 purely based on price. Casuals don't care about specs, they see the cheaper console and choose that one.

black0o1682d ago

and not a confusing name like ''Wii U'' where most of the casuals are like it's just a new controller for the wii

i can see some confusing about the xboxone

XB1_PS41682d ago

I disagree, I think the way that MS is portraying the XB1 to the mainstream audience is going to sway the casuals to it. The PS4 is built for hardcore gamers, with casuals in mind. The XB1 was always meant to be an entertainment box for the family.

Also, most people in the world have no idea about all the bullsh*t MS has put gamers through. They will be inclined to buy what they see in advertising. Recently MS had been advertising all the casual aspect during NFL games. That's an enormous market.

GarrusVakarian1682d ago

@XB1 PS4

"The PS4 is built for hardcore gamers, with casuals in mind. The XB1 was always meant to be an entertainment box for the family. "

I agree, but $100 difference would be very tempting to a casual with no interest in specs or the industry goings on.

XB1_PS41682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Double post. Whoops.

XB1_PS41682d ago

This is the casual market, they don't think of it the same way we do. It's not PS4 vs XB1. It's "that thing I saw on TV that I can video call from my television and have my fantasy scores on screen, all with voice commands." Most probably won't even know there is an alternative to compare prices with.

They will see PS4, marketing for games, and only games. Not even knowing the rest of the package. That's appealing to us, but not for a parent that doesn't play games.

Basically the casual market is won with advertising, and Microsoft is an advertising machine.

XB1_PS41682d ago

For the people disagreeing, I don't mind. Yet I still would like a few replies telling me why you disagree. I'm curious.

infamousinfolite1682d ago


That is true but there could be some who just want a pure gaming console and not all that Microsoft offers with its console.

XB1_PS41682d ago

@infamousinfolite Yes, you're right, the hardcore gaming community does want that. I'm talking about the casual/non-gaming community. The parents buying a console for their kids are going find it very attractive that they can use this box without picking up a controller.

No matter which way anyone spins it, MS made the right choices regarding the mainstream market. I know if I set an XB1 and a PS4 up at my parents house, and explained all the features. They would want the XB1 over PS4. Mostly because they see controllers like this:

Brix901682d ago

Why would casuals spend more money on a console when they play every now and then an wont be required to pay subscription for all it's features. The X1 is appealing to the 360 crowd and the gamers that enjoy to have both consoles. Last gen the Xbox had more hardcore gamers and the fact that there flocking over to Ps4 not all but a good sum makes it seem that Next gen PS4 will cater hardcore gamers. So with some of the hardcore community more split all that's left is casual gamers which PS4 having the lower price tag, more exclusive and free features it's the obvious choice.

NateCole1682d ago

XB1. The problem is casuals don't really care much about the features you mentioned.

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ZHZ901682d ago

There're more reasons about PS4 than just cheaper and more powerful.

Like this past history of Sony with their PS games and MS with their Xbox games during era of PS3 Vs X360

Drasill1682d ago

That graphic is extremely biased. Notice how they include only exclusives for the Xbox 360 side, but on the PS3 side they include games that are also on PC/PS Vita.

ZHZ901682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

So? Even if they included Vita games, problem?

Lets then add games that are on PS3 that are also n PC and PS4 like Yakuza:Ishin and DC Universe Online, and for X360 side lets add its games that are also on PC and Xbone like Titanfall and Alan Wake.

PS3 still wins.

I am not biased, you and anyone who agrees with you are the biased.

Ps4Console1682d ago

How do you know ? Because you read it on the net give me a break you don't , you won't now until launch & we see the hardware running .
I think Ps4 will win because it is vastly cheaper than the Xbox One & that is vital & it has great launch titles to running on the Ps4 console , I have pre-ordered mine .

gaelic_laoch1682d ago

There will will be a majority of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, basements....... With PS4's in them as it is! PS4 ownership is going to go off like a mushROOM cloud!


The only thing i would recommend sony do, if anything is to make sure they keep the firmware updates coming to keep the console up to date. media capabilities are already there. Great price. lots of gaming options. not much more you could ask for out of a console.

skydragoonity1682d ago

Sony has won everything this next gen... Living room wars included.

My_Outer_Heaven1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Unequivocally and absolutely yes. Microsoft's push for cable box support through HDMI-IN is going to be the downfall of Xbox One. Sure it might seem like a great thing on paper but with today's harsh times a lot of people will prefer to cut the cord and avoid overpriced cable subscriptions completely and stream things instead with online services such as Hulu, Netflix,iPlayer,YouTube etc... Internet is the only thing I feel worth while to pay for and now house phones are becoming a thing of the past because these days mobile phones are ever so popular.

We don't need cable when we have smart TV with intergrated Freeview or Freesat in HD.

My parents back home have already cut the cord. Freeview is all they need. If people really need to watch, record and rewind live TV there are a lot of TVs, PCs and other devices have DVR capabilities.

MysticStrummer1682d ago

Exactly. Traditional TV is on the way out. It's odd that people who talk about the "all digital future" of the XB1 don't see that.

NoLongerHereCBA1682d ago

That is probably much more the case in America than in the EU. Which is why I hope the TV stuff actually also works in EU countries.

At least for me TV isn't on the way out as you say it. Netflix was just released here in The Netherlands and TV is mostly included when you pay for an Internet subscription.

mhunterjr1682d ago

Traditional tv is going nowhere. Not as long as sports and the news is televised. Sure digital is growing, and will continue to do so. But TV should not be ignored. Microsoft is actually blurring the experience between live TV and on-demand, which is an approach plenty of people will gravitate to.

MysticStrummer1682d ago

@mhunter - You can watch sports and news through the internet also.

beerzombie1682d ago

There 3 hundred million people in America and most if not high percentage have cable TV of some type. Even though I cut my cable and so have most of my friends, most people have not. cutting cable is not consumer friendly yet.

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infamousinfolite1682d ago

And can the Xbox record TV shows and movies via the console?

Groo1682d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. Also having to pay a XBL sub just to use Hulu, Netflix, YouTube etc.. doesn't help either

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