Nintendo 3DS sees 30% increase in sales year-over-year

For the fourth straight month, Nintendo's 3DS handheld was reported as the best-selling video game system in the United States. Sales for the 3DS were bolstered by a strong start for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and the continued strength of games such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
More than 6.47 million 3DS units have been sold so far in 2013, Nintendo revealed. This is an increase of nearly 30 percent over the same time frame last year.

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PSNintyGamer984d ago

6.47 Million! Between Monster Hunter,Pokemon, and Zelda that number should substantially increase.

DEATHxTHExKIDx984d ago

exactly all 3 of those are gonna make waves Especially Pokemon. Pokemon is almost always the top selling game on Nintendo Handhelds.

3-4-5984d ago

Still have Mario Party, Sonic World, Super Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Bravely Default, most likely a Kirby game at some point..ect..

It's a good thing to have so many games releasing so often. It gives you games to go back and play/catch up on maybe a year or two from now.

Shinox984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

Thanks to Monster Hunter a game was originally made for PS platforms that saves the water of Nintendo face these days , F U Crapcom

PSNintyGamer984d ago

When you give us back Final Fantasy, we will give you back Monster Hunter ok?

P.S. I'm pretty sure the 3ds doesn't need a Monster Hunter game to be successful.

TheVideoGamHer984d ago

While Monster Hunter is great, Pokemon alone does well.

Shinox983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

Who care's !
a lot of people buy 3DS because they are eagerly waiting for MH4
I don't care if you want FF to be on your platform , this game has its own wide audience and its becomes a stupid multiplatform game according to Square-Enix policies , Sadly Its no Longer Sony Exclusive so you should say this to Square "Enix" not me .

Also ..


PlayStation_4984d ago

there's a new PS3 MH coming

WilliamH984d ago

Pokemon X & Y are gonna send sales through the roof.

eagle21983d ago

You can go ahead and say that again. :P

PlayStation_4984d ago

It is currently 10 million units behind the DS right now (aligned), so it's doing very well but nowhere near as well as the DS

PlayStation_4984d ago

hopefully Pokemon & MH will reverse this worrying trend

gamer42984d ago

Wasn't there a pokemon game released at the time? I could be wrong ofcourse, but if I'm not then that could be the reason.



oh wait did it say INcrease?

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