GTA V: 10 Things We Learned From Leaked Footage

WTC - "The time is almost here! We are less than 3 days away from Grand Theft Auto V hitting stores, but some lucky devils – either through piracy (naughty) or a lucky early delivery – already have possession of arguably the most-anticipated video game in history, and have dutifully been posting video clips of their exploits online."

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JoGam1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Number 1 Should be it will lose to The Last of Us for Game of the Year.

Don't get me wrong, the game will be Great just not great enough to beat The Last of Us. From what I've seen so far it didn't give me the WOW factor. This is just my opinion not fact.

koh1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Before you go deciding a which is the Game of the Year, you might want to play it and not just watch a few short videos. I havn't seen any of the leaked videos so I honestly don't know if it has any "WOW", but I won't make any determination of the game quality until I have a few days of hands-on.

JoGam1714d ago

No, those videos wasn't enough. If you read my comment clearly, you'll see where I said from what I've seen so far I didn't see anything that gives me the WOW factor. Respectfully!

raresteak1714d ago

Sorry, as much as I am convinced nothing will be upstaging TLOU in story and characters in a long time, GOTY is GAME of the year.

TLOU can rack up all the story/character/artistic awards it wants, but GTA V, as a game, is on a truly unprecedented level.

JoGam1714d ago

That unprecedented level doesn't "guarantee" the GOTY title. Just saying!

raresteak1714d ago

Nothing is guaranteed so you don't have much of a point here.

I'm here asserting, as objectively as I can, what I think GAME of the Year stands for, and the criteria that decides and judges the game deserving of that title.

As far as I'm concerned, since GTA V is unprecedented as far as I've seen (and I believe we've seen little of it), it may well just go ahead and claim GOT-Generation for itself.

And as big a fan as I am of Rockstar I am normally very sceptical of them, as I confess GTA IV disappointed me a lot.

inmusicutrust1714d ago

Its tough to say. Goty shouldnt be based just on fun, but what a game does to move the community forward. Last of us was amazing and brought a lot to the table, so I lean towards that for goty, but if the three protagonists system is done well then it will be a tough decision. Masterpieces years in the making from Naughty dog and rockstar, gonna be a controversial goty. Unless bioshock wins it haha.

JoGam1714d ago

Thank you. Thats exactly what I mean. Some people are just Hyped for GTA V.....As they should be but they need to learn to put that hypness aside when determining GOTY. Yes I didn't play GTA V yet but those videos didn't show anything on the level that I witness playing TLOU. Ask me again in a few weeks I may feel differently. LOL

donjunedolo1714d ago

I have played both and the last of us was Great, but GTA5 is just to robust for anything to compete this year! Can't wait to get out of work to go buy some property in GTA5...