Fable Anniversary not coming to Xbox One

After delay into 2014, Lionhead Studios says it has no plans to bring high-definition update to next-generation console.

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lifeisgamesok1709d ago

We already know this. Xbox One is getting Fable Legends which sounds better than a remake and is a rpg with co op

IIC0mPLeXII1709d ago

Fable 3 sucked ass though.

porkChop1709d ago

Yeah, the original Fable is far superior to 2 and 3. 3 was downright horrible. I still have Fable: TLC for PC, it's a great game. Too bad the remake isn't coming to PC though, I would have bought it.

IIC0mPLeXII1709d ago

There was something that was just.....wrong about two grown men holding hands throughout a quest. Seriously did no one at Lionhead look at that and be like....that looks super gay.

HammadTheBeast1709d ago

Not to mention the most stupid menu system I've ever seen. Going back to that same room over and over and over and over...

LordDhampire1709d ago

fable 3 was outstanding , all of them amazing and if you don't agree then your are a terrible person

TheXgamerLive1709d ago

Fable 3 was really great in some ways but there was one thing that did suck ass, the housing repairs. Zero fun factoe.

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KonsoruMasuta1709d ago

Fable Legends sound horrible. This game is going to be way better.

Anthotis1709d ago

Fable Legends does sound pretty balls.

LordDhampire1709d ago

lol no fable legends is a over the top garbage game, this is ten times better than fable I would rather a remake of the old ones than a lame dungeons and dragons over the top rpg

Mystogan1709d ago

Its not top down. If that's what you mean.

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BattleReach1709d ago Show
SoulSercher6201709d ago

Not shocking. The Xbone is not needed to remaster this game. Just put it with the rest of the trilogy on 360.

Dakriz1709d ago

Well I for one am happy form this as I need this one to complete my trilogy and I still play and love 2 and 3, its just fun when you don't spend your life looking at short comings and just enjoy your games.

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