TVG: Red Faction: Guerrilla - THQ Gamers Day 08 Preview

TVG writes: "True total architectural destruction on a massive scale? On Mars? In the future? It can only be Volition Inc., THQ, and the return of Red Faction...

After a break of five years, THQ and Volition are getting ready to return to the red planet with Red Faction: Guerrilla, heading to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC before the end of April 2009. Set fifty years after the events of the original title in the franchise, Red Faction: Guerrilla is a significant shift for the series thanks to Volition realigning itself as an 'open-world' exclusive studio. In other words, get ready for a game world that measures up to fifteen square miles of Martian terrain, with terraforming colonies reminiscent of the Wild West. There is one thing that'll be making a revamped appearance on the consoles however, Volition's GeoMod technology.

TVG recently got a ground-shaking sneak peak preview of the game right in the heart of London, and combined it with some hands on destruction at THQ's Gamers Day 2008 in San Francisco..."

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LinuxGuru3842d ago

"True total architectural destruction"

That right there is a claim no game in history to date can make.

Not Crysis, Not Battlefield: Bad Game Design, not anything else...

Red Faction is advertising destruction, and by god, they're doing it RIGHT.