New Grand Theft Auto V High Quality Leaked Videos Show Prologue, 23 Minutes of Gameplay, Stripping

While Rockstar continues to take down leaked videos of Grand Theft Auto V and to get people’s livestreaming accounts banned, looks like they’re playing whack-a-mole, as more and more are appearing online.

Today you can enjoy three more high quality videos taken with a proper capture card, showcasing most of the prologue, quite a lot of gameplay in Los Santos and a strip club. Beware that the prologue video contains very mild spoilers, while the strip club video is obviously NSFW.

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PeaSFor1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

i still wonder why peoples want to watch leaked videos when the can play the game and saw everything the game has to offer by themselves, isnt it the whole point about videogames?enjoying the game YOURSLEF, istead of SPOILING it YOURSELF?

am i the only one who totally DONT WANT to look at leaked pic/videos and want to keep everything for MY playthrough?

i guess im weird...

Abriael1679d ago

Some people simply can't wait. No one forces you to watch them, so I'm not sure why you seem mad more than weird.

PeaSFor1679d ago

not mad, more perplex about how some peoples cant wait 3 days.

kneon1679d ago


Well believe it or not there are people like me that are unlikely to ever play the game, I don't care for GTA games. So I just watched to see what's new and what all the fuss is about.

After watching a few minutes of it I still have no interest in it, but it got me wondering what kind of machine was that running on because the graphics look so mediocre. Maybe it looks a lot better IRL and the video is just massively compressed.

0ut1awed1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

@ PeaSFor

Some of us won't have access to a platform the game is launching on anyways so it's all the same to us.

inveni01679d ago


It's good to see the enjoyment police are out on patrol.


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Psychotica1679d ago

No, you're not alone. I have been avoiding them like the plague. The best part of playing the game will be the discovery of what you don't know.

Agent_00_Revan1679d ago

I haven't watched any of the videos, but my curiosity did get the better of me for just some screenshots. I simply wanted to get an idea of how good the game looked. Nothing was spoiled for me.

JackVagina1679d ago

i dont mind watching little bits and pieces, but theres no way im gonna watch a whole mission or the Prologue

Heisenburger1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Idk what the guy Abriel *above was picking up on when he says you seem mad. No offense to him but that's a bit ridiculous.

Anyhow, I totally agree with you when it comes to spoiling things. I'm that way with everything. As a matter of fact, movie trailers tend to irritate me. Simply because I knew what happened when Brad Pitt gets on the plane in World War Z before ever seeing it.

Obviously trailers can't go away, and I don't want that. I do what we all must do. Avoid them.

What Abriel said is true though. Some people just can't(sic) wait for things. Some people just don't want to.

We're all different. There's certainly nothing wrong with people looking for videos. I know I would never buy a game without seeing enough gameplay.

Just like there's nothing wrong with me refusing to watch the "next time on amc's Breaking Bad" stuff. I want to experience it all the way that it was meant to be.

I don't mean to imply that you think that they are "wrong" for watching the videos. That was more a pre-emptive strike against those that can't emotionally handle a difference of opinion. ;)

dcortz20271679d ago

The game is going to be HUGE and lengthy with quite a few DLC down the road, watching a few videos won't kill the game for anyone.

Dfooster1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I think people will gladly give up a few minutes of story to be able to see how the gameplay mechanics work. This video was great because I can really see how the gameplay has evolved from 4 and it looks amazing.

In fact I think rockstar should have shown a mission in raw gameplay before. It would have pacified people's need to know how the game looks and plays and they might not be fighting so many streams now. Trailers are ok but too quick fire to get a grasp on how a game plays.

In a game that lasts dozens of hours I've seen 5 minutes, far less revealing than movie trailers at the cinema and to be honest I still know nothing of the story.

Spoons1679d ago

Same reason why people watch lets plays... Just because the game isn't out doesn't lessen our natural curiosity.

Gardenia1679d ago

I watch a few parts but, damn...

showtimefolks1679d ago

only few more days, don't want to see anything

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Angainor71679d ago

Daaaamn... can't you just stop...?

Irishguy951679d ago

Who? The army of people uploading vids? Stop coming into the threads or get off the net for the next few days

Agent_00_Revan1679d ago

Exactly. This always happens when big games come out. And this time it is known to be in the hands of Many, not just one or two people leaking stuff.

I don't understand how people can be surprised by this.

Blaze9291679d ago

gotta love all this media these sites have been getting ever since it leaked. damn pirates smh

Duddy1011679d ago

Trying my absolute best not too look. Im sure this is how adam and eve felt with the apple situation.

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