Rockstar's Extremely Sad Attempt at Anti-Sexism in GTA V- GTA Online's Female Lead and More

The fact that even though Rockstar claimed GTA V has a Male Centric story, they have given a female lead in GTA Online contradicts their own statement. Was a female Lead in GTA really that impossible? We dont think so. Gender Bias Comparison Graph of Rockstar's Games Given.

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vishmarx1556d ago

its sad that video game logic makes you sad.

PeaSFor1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


we dont need those silly white knight articles trying to put sexism everywhere.

Something that is FACT for you might be DEMAGOGY for others.

codelyoko1556d ago

Sexism is quite a controversial subject :P Something that is WTF for you might be Fact for others.

vishmarx1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

FACTS they contemplate on while playing video games?

Anthotis1556d ago

I gave a "wtf" and "no" to this equality drivel as well.

r1sh121556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

This article is fishing for hits?
I mean why not rejoice in the fact that there is finally a female playable character in COD?
Or that there has been a female character playable in GTA multiplayer since GTA IV?

I mean this article is talking about sexism, where the game (Singleplayer) is story driven.
Why not also talk about how watch dogs has a male player, as does God of war or Duke Nukem.

If you look at rockstar from a business perspective - they need to cater to their fan base right?
If gaming contains a majority of males, then the ultimate goal would be to cater to them right?

This 'article' is 100% about getting site hits, otherwise the 'article' would be about the industry as a whole...

And the reason why I keep putting artcile in inverted commas is because this does not qualify as an article.

Seriously - Why not complain about how females get the same money as male tennis player, but play less sets and games?
Equality right.. NO? Its just convenient to complain when it suits you.
No actual facts are used, nor is the analysis of the industry as a whole.
You just write a failed article because Rockstar and GTA V are currently highly searched items and expect hits.

You might as well complain the lead actors in Transformers are male..
Its a story driven game.

you clearly do not have the mind set to comprehend facts.

morganfell1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Outside of the article being an opinion piece, and opinions are the dregs of writing and all that is left of once decent journalism in gaming, if the site publishes the article then they do not get to dodge responsibility for the article by stating "Its an opinion". If you are driving your holier than thou Prius and throw a passenger's trash out the window it is still littering. Shut up, man up, and accept responsibility for publishing this piece of garbage.

r1sh121556d ago

Exactly - The "This is only an opinion piece" was added after the minuscule uproar.

Blacktric1556d ago



They really are starting to push the boundaries of pseudo intellectualism at this point.

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cococabana1556d ago

"Disclaimer: This is an Opinion piece so treat it as such. Take everything at face-value only."

Jesus People Calm the F*** down. Its just an article contemplating sexism. Not the end of the world.

admiralvic1556d ago

Posts about a controversial subject.
Writes the title in an extremely controversial way (It isn't enough that they're "trying", it also has to be done perfectly...).
Starts talking about a game they likely know very little about (embargo is up, so they can't reveal information that isn't already known... which means this article is about leaks / rumors, screenshots and other evidence that is everything, but solid).
Writes it on a website and then gets on N4G, only for people to say you can't really disagree with it because it's an opinion...

Makes sense.

r1sh121556d ago

LOL..There's no anger involved, just disputing very obvious made up facts.
As I said in my first comment - why is the 'writer' and I use that term very loosely, talking about music, film, his religion based on where his twitter says he lives, or how women are portrayed in media?
No he picked a tiny issue which bares no evidence because the story's that Rockstar generally follow have a male antagonist.

Why is he not comparing rockstar to activision or any other game publisher/ developer or even the industry?
#Invalid ? I think so.

GarrusVakarian1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

This article is garbage, there is no "female lead" online, you can play as a female or a male, its as simple as that.

People are taking this way too seriously, there are 3 male protagonists, end of, no sexism, R* have stated their reasons for 3 male protagonists, if they feel that the best way to get across the story is to have 3 male characters tell it then so be it. You really thing they wouldn't include a female lead character because they hate women and are purposely being sexist? Pathetic.

"The Female characters in GTA Online can do everything that a male character can – from robbing banks to rambo-ing so they clearly had a female model all rigged and capable of everything. We have a feeling that because of this controversy we might as well see the following GTA games finally having a Female Lead. "

Why wouldn't a female character be able to do everything a male one can?! I don't see any "controversy" here apart from the controversy you are making up.

And if your silly bar chart/graph is anything to go by, then it seems R* games are having more and more female leads as time goes on, which kind of nullifies your point, lol.

xharrypotterx1556d ago

"here is no "female lead" online, you can play as a female or a male, its as simple as that. " Exactly.

So why did Rockstar say that GTA v Story is male centric when it clearly isnt?

GarrusVakarian1556d ago

What? Why did you quote me talking about the online portion and then reply by talking about the singleplayer?

You can play as either a female or a male ONLINE, in the STORY you can only play as males, the reasons for that are R*'s reasons, if you truly believe those reasons are as petty as sexism, then you need to re evaluate your thinking.

PeaSFor1556d ago


you are obviously confused.

Wni01556d ago

R* has some awesome writers, but they aren't known for being PC. Gamers version of PC however is be as sexist as you want because its a videogame, so all is forgiven, so in that case they are PC.

Quick people write some comments before people start branding you with the white knight label!

GarrusVakarian1556d ago

"The concept of being masculine was so key to this story."

They aren't going to add a female to a game just to please people and dodge accusations of sexism. If the story requires masculinity, then expect a mostly male cast. It's as simple as that.

cococabana1556d ago

You didnt quite get the authors point. He is Not blaming Rockstar for putting a male lead. He is blaming them because they say that Female Lead wont work in a GTA world yet they have a Female Charachter in GTA Online. Which is a Mirror Image of GTA V story.

GarrusVakarian1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

No, they didn't say "Female Lead wont work in a GTA world". They said:

"The concept of being masculine was so key to this story."

Don't try and twist the words.The STORY of this game in particular wouldn't work with a female lead, not the world.... so the authors point is completely wrong.

Also, GTA online isn't a "mirror image" of GTA5's story......where did you read that? Lol.

RE_L_MAYER1556d ago

Finally someone with a brain

Wni01556d ago

People here like to jump on bandwagons, theres no point in actual debate with the gaming community.

opinska1555d ago

true that, some tend to over react :/

CaptainPunch1556d ago

Who gives a f*ck? It's a video game for crying out loud!

RE_L_MAYER1556d ago

Go buy an xbox one-its a videogame concole

CaptainPunch1556d ago

Sure, if it has good enough games I will.

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