Why Have HMV Removed Wii U From Shelves, But Not Sale?

TSA writes: "Following reductions over the last couple of weeks elsewhere, HMV have today discounted their Sony hardware, bringing their PS3 and Vita bundle prices in line with what other retailers are offering.

The price cuts have led me down a rather curious path with regards to HMV and their policies though. Let me explain."

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SegaSaturn6691469d ago

My local HMV stopped selling video games altogether about a year ago.

Elit3Nick1469d ago

Yep same here, in Manitoba, Canada

jony_dols1469d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't mind but their Irish operations were profitable, but they were shut down when it went belly up in the UK.

It was my go to place for games as well, now I'm forced to use Gamestop...

monkey6021469d ago

Hmv are reopening as we speak in ireland. Hilco purchased both hmv and xtra vision and are joining the brands together in most stores. Happy days.

M83_1469d ago

HMV was great for games, they kept them at €50, now with less competition they've risen up to €55-€60, which is annoying.

There's one HMV store re-opening in Dublin, so that's not too bad, hopefully they'll make a big come back because it's amazon all the way for me since the brick and mortar retailers are far too expensive here.

M83_1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Fúcking double post

ShaunCameron1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Same here in Montreal.

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TekoIie1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

Mine just kept charging outragous prices when there were retailers less than 50 metres away with a better offer.

Just decided to stop buying from them altogether since they are almost never competitive with their prices.

Activemessiah1469d ago

They're disappearing anyway... 2 of my local ones shutdown.