Furious 4 gameplay footage offers glimpse of 'brutal first-person shooter'

A bit of gameplay footage from Gearbox Software's Furious 4 popped up this week on a FX demo reel create by a FX artist who worked on the game.

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Spoons1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )


seanpitt231438d ago

Bioshock comes to mind :/

MidnytRain1438d ago

Yeah! Bioshock Infinite instantly popped into my head.

monkey6021438d ago

I thought this was dumped?!

Bonerboy1437d ago

If we could only be so lucky..... Perhaps, if we are really lucky, the entire squad of leadership buffoons at 'Shitbox' will go down in some horrific flaming plane disaster. I for one would celebrate.

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