Grand Theft Auto 5 DLC Spotted In The Wild

Gameranx: "The first DLC for GTA 5 has been spotted."

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GarrusVakarian1645d ago

They are just guns, its not as if they have cut missions out of the game to sell as DLC.

bsquwhere1645d ago

Not that we know of. Oh well they still offer more than any other game out there.

Muffins12231645d ago

Still should of not done that,i bet if this was not GTA 5 all of us would be calling them greedy and only care about money BUT sense this gta 5,will be one of the greatest games of all time,ill let it slide...

GarrusVakarian1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

@ Muffins1223

I understand what you are saying and i hate this micro transaction crap but R* aren't EA or any other company that releases re hash games every year. They worked on GTA5 since GTA4, if they were in it just for the money they wouldn't put so many years of hard work into each game.

It sucks yeah, but no need to start a lynch mob because a few weapons are being sold as DLC by a company that has NEVER done this before.

Muffins12231645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

I know Lukas thats what i said this sucks but its a great game,but if EA did something like this even in a great game like GTA 5 they would still get the hate unlike this game dose not get. We hate Capcom for doing the same thing but if rockstar dose it we let them get away with it and look the other way.

Ittoryu1645d ago

@ Muffins1223 Mmm maybe or it could be that this is the first GTA in 5 years and they spent a LOT of money on it and have given you plenty of content for the 60$. It's not like this is another shitty COD or BF yearly release with the guns being pieced out.

FamilyGuy1645d ago

It sucks to see them going down that road but it's hard to even care after knowing how much content is in the game. It's already proven itself to be more worth my $60 than a lot of other titles. I don't buy DLC anyway, especially the small stuff like guns.

GTA Online should be interesting though.

Crazay1645d ago

those pegs get filled up with other weapons after you unlock them.

Crazay1645d ago

most if not all of those unlock as you progress through the title. The ability to pay for them earlier is likely the reasoning for that.

Yi-Long1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Oh well, this will just make my decision to wait for a next-gen version a bit more easy to make.

Sad days, when even Rockstar is stooping this low to nickel-and-dime it's customers.

In the whole DLC-debate, GTA4's DLC was always a prime example of Rockstar 'doing DLC right!'.

Anyway, time to get back to my huge backlog.

Edit: Kinda pathetic to still see gamers 'defend' this kinda nickel-and-diming by stating: 'Oh, yeah, it's just some guns, items, clothes, whatever...'.

Yes it IS just some guns, items and clothes,, and it's content that could and thus should have just been included in the game you bought for 50-60 bucks, instead of having to be purchased seperately 3 seconds afterwards!

Oh, and pre-order exclusive DLC content is just as annoying as the usual DLC-milking. You pre-order a game for full price from store A, and get 'exclusive' item 1 and 2, but Store B and Store C and Store D ALSO have some EXCLUSIVE pre-order content, so even when you're pre-ordering the game and buy it on day 1, you'll be getting an INCOMPLETE game.

You'll have to purchase DLC to get the complete experience. Which is ridiculous.

alien6261644d ago

remember playing and a message pop up saying if you link social club to the game you could unlock new guns and stuff

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isa_scout1645d ago

They're only the guns and items that come special from different retailers with pre-orders. I actually think it's cool that they are making these items available in the game. As I pre-ordered from Gamestop(Atomic Blimp) I'm excited to know I can get my hands on the other extra content as well.

FamilyGuy1645d ago

Maybe it's not so bad, one of the comments on the article said it's actually just the pre-order bonuses that the've made available for purchase to those that missed the opportunity.

"it isnt DLC, people are using this to fire their rage but they arent using any logic. They are the preorder bonus items that are being offered for people that didnt preorder or didnt buy the deluxe/collectors edition. also for people that buy it used later on.

if they werent offering this then everyone would be flipped in the other direciton saying that they dont have a way to get the preorder items and would STILL be mad."

showtimefolks1645d ago

we are about to go to next gen, please stop complaining about DLC. its here to stay whether we like it or not

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Vip3r1645d ago

Not buying guns as DLC.

ZodTheRipper1645d ago

I agreed with you ...but if you think about it - does any of us feel bad about giving Rockstar (!) a couple of cents? I'm rather supporting Rockstar than other developers since they make the games that are really worth it's money. Only because Rockstar is a big company now I don't mind supporting it just as I like supporting Indie projects.

Vip3r1645d ago

True. But MS will no doubt get commission on it. That's what I don't like about it. Should do it via social club or something.

TheFamous11644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Now you're just trying to convince yourself. I have no problem paying more money for DLC, especially to a studio like Rockstar - but regardless of the fact that it is Rockstar, this DLC is in bad taste. This is something we would expect from EA with Dead Space or something similar, not Rockstar. I would have no problem paying for DLC that added worthwhile content - and $5 guns are not that.

SaffronCurse1645d ago

What ever happened to you know...fucking cheat codes?

blennerville1645d ago

Ya ??? - they were a given back in the PS2 days.
i almost still remember it - L1,R1,O,O....

did GTA4 have weapon cheats ??
i know i never used them, and it sure was a pain having go to amunation.

ThichQuangDuck1645d ago

Flying Cars how I miss you. I heard on the streams some one did use a cheat code,but if this is true than it appears rockstar are having people pay for what can be gotten through cheating. Only if you cheat you cannot get achievements which makes sense,but if you buy all the guns you can get all the achievements non nonsensical. If people want to buy guns so be it,but when games cost more the next generation and "extra" stuff cost more they will know why.

moparful991644d ago

They still exist.. in GTAIV you used a cell phone to input phone numbers that unlocked the cheats.. im assuming GTAV will be the same..

Duddy1011645d ago

Why pay for these? Missions yeah but wepons?

HolyDuck1645d ago

Has the update to use local currency gone world wide yet? If so this is fake.

Can't see Rockstar charging 400 MS points for a rubber bullet gun.

GarrusVakarian1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Yeah it has. 400 MS points does seem a little steep just for one gun.....

Unless its MS calling the shots, in which case its completely believable.

RE_L_MAYER1645d ago

Ahh I hate digital content

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