Randy Pitchford: More people are playing Borderlands 2 "even than when we launched the game"

It's no secret that Borderlands 2 is still very popular despite being an entire year old. In video game years, that's usually old enough to be drawing a pension and settling down at the Old Games Home. However, Gearbox's CEO has this week claimed that the title bucks that trend to the point where more people are playing now than ever before.

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snake_eater1555d ago

Nice, what about acm randy? do people still play that one as well?

x713hitsquad1555d ago

What about Duke Nukem. Lmao. Seriously though Borderlands 2 is awesome.

minimur121554d ago

I wasn't particularly interested in BD 2, but now it's coming out for vita I'm going to get it, haha

Soldierone1555d ago

There's probably more people on Borderlands 2 because they all traded in Aliens for it lol

1nsomniac1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I would put money on him saying they do!

In fact I would imagine his response would probably be "More people are currently playing ACM than COD & BF3 combined".

jjdoyle1554d ago

If his lips are moving, you know what they say.

thelaughingwiseman1555d ago

In the words of my favorite game tyrant... "Assuming direct control"

porkChop1555d ago

Harbinger was awesome in ME2, I don't know why he was hardly even in ME3. It doesn't make much sense because he was one of the main villains of ME2.

arronax-11554d ago

...(spoiler alert)because he died in the end of the game(ME2).

porkChop1554d ago

No he didn't -_- he said "releasing control". That body wasn't Harbinger.

miacosa1555d ago

Not surprising given the huge sales this game has gotten in the past week.

1nsomniac1554d ago

More utter bollox spoken from the king of bullshit himself!

Well done sir, I tip my imaginary hat to you!

cell9891554d ago

I know I'll be playing it on Vita too

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