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It’s been quite a few months since Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One to the world, and since that time, quite a lot has changed. This has left gamers more confused then informed. Let’s take a quick look back at the past couple months and see exactly what happened to the Xbox One and what Microsoft has done to fix it.

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Bundi1680d ago

through sheer gaming awesomeness and the power of the cloud.

Maddens Raiders1680d ago

Yeah but the continued rationalisation of a forced camera and additional $100 price tag for a piece of kit with less power, demonstrates that neither Microsoft nor the author knows the meaning of the words "fixed" or "redeemed". Micro is determined to have their way and recoup their Kinect investment, the gamers be damned in the process. Major Nelson stated that forum posters weren't engineers, and that MS couldn't just "flip a switch" to circumvent drm checks, and an always on, required Kinect. All lies and ridiculous confusion.

I'll say it again, the system was not very well planned to be received by the gaming faithful and Sony prematurely forced their hand in Feb of this year. That's why we've seen an avalanche of policy reversals, backflips, and apologies because these contingent issues were never accounted for in the first place. It's as simple as that..

JokesOnYou1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

No Maddens X1 will do just fine, heres why:

"Yeah but the continued rationalisation of a forced camera and additional $100 price tag"

-The camera is welcomed by all who are interested in gaming beyond just a graphic upgrade. Kinect v2 retails for $400 so in fact included in X1 package we are getting a helluva bargain.

"Microsoft nor the author knows the meaning of the words "fixed" or "redeemed"."

All of thr DRM policies have been reversed= fixed. Normal gamers without an axe to grind who really wanted an X1 but were not in favor of those changes are satisfied and will buy an X1=redeemed. It seems its you who does not understand the meaning of fixed/redeemed.

"Major Nelson stated that forum posters weren't engineers, and that MS couldn't just "flip a switch" to circumvent drm checks"

-Thats just simply saying it is a big decision thats OVER HIS HEAD he is just a PR guy but common sense dictates it would require a lot of re-thinking, re-coding and careful implementation of current policy and code at the hardware level, the reversal came weeks later and micro/X1 engineers are likely still finalizing the NEW FIRMWARE CODE for the DAY ONE PATCH/UPDATE its not magic its hardwork and late nights for engineers/coders= So in conclusion it is a FACT that its not just flipping a switch but when you are pre-programmed to think micro is evil everything is a conspiracy and lies to you.

"I'll say it again, the system was not very well planned to be received by the gaming faithful and Sony prematurely forced their hand in Feb of this year."

-A console that launches 1 week after ps4 in the US, 1 week before in most of the big Euro markets, has the better quality and quantity of next gen exclusive games, has actively made small upgrades to specs which is unheard of when you are have production issues and is a console that aims to do more with kinect, tv integration, media and will bring full use of dedicated servers also incorporating the cloud so far in ways no other console has, all this DAY ONE, while a company far less ambitious with its Gaikai service wont even be available at launch, hell I still remember when FCC suddenly became the measuring stick for a console being ready, then we find out X2 passed before ps4, now the guys like you are still grasping a new straws to make it look as if the X1 is rushed meanwhile dony wont even confirm the share buttons youtube uplaod, come to think of it micro has shown and talked about X1's specs and functionality in alot mote detail than sony= if that is not ready compared to their competition then I dont know what is?

ZBlacktt1680d ago

JokesOnYou, such a fitting name, lol. Wow, hook line and sinker they've sold you on a bag of goods. Best of luck with that.

JokesOnYou1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Edit, little mistake I meant "X1" in the last paragraph above.

ZBlacktt, how original, never heard that before but I guess its much harder to debate logically. lol, when in doubt just fall back on "Xbot", "you work for micro", or wait, wait "haha the Jokes On You!" yeah you got me.

AngelicIceDiamond1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

@Maddens Hmm that's nice meanwhile.

Good news for the X1. So you were saying?

I guess you weren't saying much of anything.

EDIT: @Monday Ok? Your giving predictions and I'm giving you facts so who wins? You can talk down about X1 all you want people are still pre-ordering the console so have fun with your night sweats and stressing over the X1.

Don't worry so much about the X1 focus on PS4. I know this'll be Sony's best console yet.

NewMonday1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


logic says the market rejects the XB1

the only thing going for it is brand loyalty, tainted glasses can make what you want look beautiful and powerful, so you can convince yourself but the majority of gamers don't like what the XB1 has to offer so far.


creatchee1680d ago


If your graph holds true, then if PS4 sells 100,000,000 consoles, then the Xbox One will sell about 55,000,000.

That's more than enough to ensure a good online community and continued developer support.

Unless all you care about is sales.

NewMonday1680d ago


good enough for me
a larger market share will give a better foundation for 1st party games to succeed, this will make Sony take more risks.

and the pressure of a small market share will push MS to invest in true exclusive games to win the gamers back, they could get back to the good old days of the TrueXB1 and early 360 years. they should stay under pressure because they will just shift back to timed DLC if you give them the chance.

Deltaohio1679d ago

Just FYI the kinect is not $400. Idk why ppl still believe this.
Don't get me wrong I like the X1 over the PS4 hands down. I just don't like how ppl believe crazy things.
The kinect cost "maybe" $200 at best. The $400 tag ppl throw out is actually for a dev kit where the dev gets 2 kinect and a shit ton of support from MS.
Get ur facts straight home skillet.

Google windows for Kinect new dev kit

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ArchangelMike1680d ago

The proof that Microsoft have yet to redeem themselves is borne out in pre-order numbers.

The pre-order numbers suggest overwhelmingly that gamers this gen have (initially at least) sided with Sony and the PS4.

Policy reversals, Fifa 14 bundles, Forza bundles, Titanfall etc etc have not done enough to reverse the low pre-order numbers.

JokesOnYou1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Yeah because a console gen that will last the next 10+ yrs is going to be determined by sold out preorders that are a DIRECT REFLECTION of how many each manufacturer CAN PRODUCE prior to launch that will ALL sellout to a few million hardcore gamers over the course of 1-2 months, thats cool but the other 120+ months what will happen?...oh my bad nevermind preorders is whats most important.

Bundi1680d ago

They have doubled their pre-orders compared to the Xbox 360...sounds pretty redeemed to me.

devwan1680d ago

@Bundi But the xbox one isn't competing with the 360, it's competing with the ps4, so that's irrelevant and clearly one of those kinds of "facts" that gets pulled out when meaningful numbers don't tell the story they wish to portray.

@JokesOnYou 10 years? No chance. If anything the next generation will be shorter than the last and Microsoft aren't going to want to drag on into the 2020s with hardware that already struggles to live with 2012 PC hardware.

ArchangelMike1679d ago


Pre-order numbers are a direct indication of demand. At present there is much more demand for the PS4 than XbOne.

The thing is that increased demand breeds more demend (the Wii is a prime example of this). The higher demand for a PS4 will feedback into the consumer minset, which will have the effect of feeding demand over the coming years.

ZBlacktt1679d ago

Joke, this is becoming a joke. You are aware MS has never out sold Sony at any time right? Even with a full year head start and a worldwide launch in 2005. Now fast forward to Next Gen pre orders and Sony has the most ever in company history. Their message has been clear from the start " All about the gamers and developers ".

PS1 - Second best selling console of all time

PS2 - Best selling console of all time

PS3 - Outsold XBox 360 full year later launch date. No worldwide launch. All of Europe waited until 2007 to get it.

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GT671680d ago

"a lot has changed. this has left gamers confused"

REALLY!!! like what gamers??? unexpected casual non hardcore gamers you mean?? only thing MS redeemed is more lies, more advertisement to promote "this is the BEST console since invention of bread" to casual gamer.

jessupj1680d ago

They would have completely and utterly ruined my beloved hobby. I will never forgive MS.

AngelicIceDiamond1680d ago

I'm with Icicle care to explain?

starchild1679d ago

Oh jeez, more ridiculous melodrama from a fanboy.

MS, Sony, Nintendo, AMD, Nvidia and other companies all offer gaming hardware, and you can either choose to buy it or not. No one is holding a gun to your head.

If Microsoft would have come out with the Xbox One with the original features it wouldn't have ruined anything. The people that wanted to move into a digital future on a console similar to what we have on PC would have bought the console and been happy. Those that didn't like it would have bought something else.

What I have to ask is, why do most of the people that "will never forgive Microsoft" just happen to be Playstation fans? You guys already had a thing for Sony and didn't like the Xbox anyway. Most of the people I see making comments like yours are people that I saw making anti-Xbox 360 comments last generation long before the announcement of the Xbox One.

SITH1679d ago

Exactly. They act like they are angry former and loyal Xbox gamers who have suddenly lost all respect for Microsoft and can't understand why you have not. It kills me they have no clue we can see every word they ever say in their comment history.

SITH1679d ago

Lmao, N4g is full of you pretend butt hurt people. You do realize we can all see you comment history!? You never supported Xbox one, and that is clear by your obvious disdain of the Xbox 36o and Microsoft. You never had respect for MS to have anything ruined by them.

Your very first comment on your account.

"360 a better concole?
M$ definitely couldn't sell it's console if they didn't do all the dirty tricks they did. Not saying sony doesn't do the same thing, but in my opinion M$ does it a lot worse and it's just getting personal now.

and by the way, none of the sony customers ever said "who needs duel shock (rumble)". As i recall, they were all screaming bloody murder, demanding it back and sony actually listened to it's customer base.

The 360 is in no way a better console. I... #37.1

2176d ago by jessupj | View comment"

You always been in butt hurt mode. In context of this article, Xbox one would have never done a thing to change that for you.

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yellowgerbil1680d ago

Microsoft redeemed the X1?
that's news to me.

Bzone241679d ago

It's because you get all your gaming news on N4G. Positive Xbox One articles have a hard time getting approved.

yellowgerbil1679d ago

Nope that's not it. I read all the "pos" articles, I am just not so easily swayed, MS will have to go above and beyond to earn back my business after the RROD and all the crap with the new system. Got rid of my 360 in 08 they've not done anything to make me regret that decision

ZBlacktt1680d ago

Again, thanks to Sony for forcing their hand. Otherwise you would still be screwed. That is a absolute fact. Thanks to Sony for bringing the Blu-ray player to video gaming and also wining the format war. Now the X1 won't be held back there either. It really looks like MS has a extremely hard time coming out with new consoles without huge major issues. Years of RROD to all this. Then comes the sorry about that we are going to flip flop on that. If the devil was selling candy that was poisoned and you found out it was poisoned. Called him on it and he said ok I took the poison out. Would you still buy it? That's what all this is really.

Great for the gamers who just love this brand no matter what. But never turn a blind eye to what you really are dealing with here. It's your money after all.

Sitdown1680d ago

My gosh......Sony didn't force their hand; before Sony's announcement at E3 there was already rumblings and complaining, and gamers refusing to turn down basic rules and principles that they have enjoyed since the start of gaming. Did Sony when the dvd war? But somehow dvd made their way into guess what, if hd dvd would have one, then most likely it would have been in consoles. What was the huge major issue with the original xbox? Pretty sure purchasing a $500 console is not the same as eating candy that can kill you from an entity bent on destroying you. But since you are using that example.....what us your analogy for Sony and rootkit? What about Sony removing an advertised feature of other OS from a console you already owned? Both of these companies are far from innocent, and I willingly purchase both knowing this.

stuna11679d ago


In a lot of ways Sony did force Microsofts hand, here's why; if Sony had said nothing one way or another concerning the planned policies they intended to implement, best believe Microsoft wouldn't have been so quick to start reversing their intended vision for the Xbox1, regardless of how low the pre-order were for the Xbox1, because regardless of what anyone including Microsoft could say, everyone was under the assumption that Sony was also going down the same route! The PS4's pre-order wouldn't be anywhere near the level they are now, because the jury would have still been out concerning Sonys plans on policies, thereby not posing a major threat to Microsoft.

At this very moment the Xbox1 would have had the industry in a catch 22 situation! Because they would have been able to dictate the direction of the entire industry. People with too much power, that they use to control and instill fear are called Dictators! The restriction, policies, and demands that Microsoft tried to impose on gamers, developers, the industry as a whole, were nothing short of a "DICTATORSHIP" of gaming.

Here we have those still spouting on about how they wish Microsoft had been clearer on their presentation of their message.....Well here it is! Notice how the popularity of Xbox brand has also ushered in some of the extremist measures and restrictions known to gaming to date!? If Microsoft could monetize every aspect of gaming they would! The always online feature was a means to that end!

What happened to gaming being fun? I'll tell you what happened to it! Microsoft happened to it, now it's becoming more like a costly chore to have fun.

puntthor1680d ago

microsoft is evil! it is the antichrist! sony is pope! I am the fanboy of the sony!

opinska1679d ago

let sony suck your money! funboy

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