PALGN: BAJA Preview - We go off-road in the new racer from 2XL Games

PALGN writes: "With plenty of racers constantly being thrown at the consumer nowadays, you start to wonder if there really is that much point in shelling out another hundred bucks every time a new one comes along that catches your eye. With street racers, motorbike racers, racing simulations, rally racers and more, it can get a little bit overwhelming at times as you ask the question: which of them is really the one for me? Well, off-road racing has developed quite a following in the world of videogames with titles like Motorstorm offering fun gameplay and high-quality graphics to gamers who like to watch the dirt fly. The newest addition to the off-road family is BAJA (pronounced 'Baa-Haa'), and from what we've played so far, we can safely say that it's going to prove to be some fierce competition when it bursts onto the scene later this year."

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